Spending quality time with your children is so important in building your relationship with them. In this article, you will find 25+ local date ideas for families in Cumming GA & Forsyth County
I don’t know about your kids but my kids love to have one on one time. They are like different people once they have time without their sibling around. Personally, my goal is to do a mother-daughter and mother-son etched memory every quarter of the year. Those activities look different each time. And I plan them out for the whole year so they are already on my calendar. That helps me make sure they happen.
My husband, on the other hand, does a monthly date with both of our kids. He does it every month on the date of their birth. {For example -For my girl, it’s on the 6th of every month and on the 27th of every month for my son.} He takes them out to eat. They both love it. And I hope they do for a long time!
But I’ve had many of you reach out asking for ideas of what to do locally for parent-child dates. I thought the best thing to do was to dump out my brain into an article for you. I hope these ideas help you to have great parent-child dates this year.
And if you haven’t done this before, let me encourage you that the kids are never too young or old to implement this idea. They thrive in the one-on-one time.

Parent-Child Date Ideas in Forsyth County & Cumming GA

  1. Take your son or daughter for a breakfast date.
  2. Dress up and take your son or daughter to a nice restaurant for dinner.
  3. Take your daughter to get her hair done at Sweet & Sassy.
  4. Take your son hiking up Sawnee Mountain.
  5. Take your daughter to get her nails done.
  6. Take your son or daughter to grab Fondue apps or dessert at Nido Cafe in Vickery Village.
  7. Check to see if Happy Belly Kitchen has any Child-Parent date nights coming up.
  8. Take your son or daughter to eat sushi at either Rice or Happy Family.
  9. Take your son or daughter to see a movie they have wanted to see.
  10. Take your son or daughter bowling at Stars n’ Strikes.
  11. Take your son or daughter ice skating at The Ice Complex.
  12. Take your son or daughter to see a high school play.
  13. Go grab some ice cream together at Chill Hill.
  14. Take your son and daughter shopping at the dollar store and surprise each other with a gift.
  15. Take your son or daughter to look at the animals at the pet store.
  16. Take your child to serve at a local non-profit.
  17. Pack up a picnic lunch or dinner and take your child for a picnic at the park.
  18. Take your son or daughter to play laser tag at Stars n’ Strikes.
  19. Do a cooking challenge at home or take a cooking class together.
  20. Take your daughter to get pedicures and/or manicures together.
  21. Take your son to go climbing at Sawnee Mountain Preserve
  22. Take your son or daughter to do a painting class at Pinot’s Palette.
  23. Take your son or daughter to craft at Pinspiration.
  24. Try a new restaurant together and pretend you are a food critic judging this new restaurant.
  25. Do a lego set together.

Rachael Walkup has lived in North Georgia all her life. Since 2006 – The Walkup family has made Forsyth County their home. Along with being a wife and mom, Rachael is an avid blogger, social media expert, and owner of CummingLocal.com. Her time is spent promoting local events and small businesses in North Georgia.  With a background in Marketing and Sales, coupled with her experience in Project Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Rachael offers consultations and classes to help clients reach their fullest potential.