The Fairy Trail at Sawnee Mountain Preserve

Have you heard of the Fairy Trails at Sawnee Mountain Preserve?  I must admit I was a little out of the loop on this but now that I’m reading this article, it sounds super cool!!  We’re big fans of hiking Sawnee Mountain so this fits right in as something else to do while you’re there!
The Fairy Trail was actually a project of Girl Scout Troup 13730, but it’s something all visitors can enjoy … and even JOIN in on the fun by making your own!
My friend Leandrea from Coupons Are Great, took her girls to visit the trail earlier this week and I’m so excited that she’s letting me share her post with all of you!  Click here to read Leandrea’s article and get the scoop on the Fairy Trails in Sawnee Mountain.
Visiting the Fairy Trail wasn’t on our original “75 Days of Summer Guide“, but if you have young girls in your house, it should definitely be added to yours!

More about the Fairy Trail at Sawnee Mountain Preserve:

Click here to read Leandrea’s article