Things To Do With Your Teenagers In North GA

The following post is from Christina LaPlaca, a high school student at Forsyth Central. Her list is in no particular order. We hope you enjoy this list of things to do with your teenager in North GA this fall!

Cumming Country Fair

Every year, just as the leaves begin to turn and the air begins to chill, the Forsyth County Country Fair rolls around! Taking place at the Cumming Fairgrounds, this magical event is often the highlight of many teenagers’ year. This is where they can hang out with their friends, ride some uniquely wonderful rides, pet a few farm animals, and, most importantly, eat fried, sugary junk: all in the spirit of fall!
This year it opens on Thursday, October 6. There will be free admission all day and for all ages, and unlimited rides for only $20 per person. Throughout the span of the rest of the fair, there will be many themed nights that will adhere to the interests of teenagers, including Student Night, Football Friday Night, and much more!

Topgolf in Alpharetta, Georgia

Ever wanted to do a unique, yet equally fun activity to bring your family together? Have you tried to get your kids to take an interest in golf, but have always come up short? Whatever the case may be, Topgolf in Alpharetta is the perfect fit for your family-night-out! With three levels of the building all facing one, ginormous course, this creative way to golf is the perfect balance between leisurely bonding and playful competition. Each hole is marked with a large, easily recognizable target, so even those who have never tried the sport can find a way to play.

Enjoying Nature

Sawnee Mountain_2
Want to be active while also enjoying yourself? Well, one way is to visit the Sawnee Mountain Preserve in Cumming, Georgia! Here, you can take your pick of trails ranging from a fifteen minute hike, to an hour long excursion, both reaching the top of Sawnee Mountain. Any one of these beautiful pathways will encapsulate the subtle beauty of nature, eventually escalating to the breathtakingly striking view at the very top of the mountain. Here, you can watch the sun rise over the horizon, pause for a lunch break at the historic “Indian Seats”, or even gaze at the marvel of an angelic sunset. There are places in which teenagers would even be able to utilize their ENOs (that’s a hammock for those of you who don’t know), which is a highlight in and of itself.

Horseback Riding Tours

We all crave adventure, but never seem to be able to fit it into our schedule. Little do you know, though, a tiny taste of excitement is in your own backyard! At the Blue Springs Farm in Cumming, Georgia, you and your family can come together for a day of fun experiences. Not only do they specialize in professional equestrian training, but they also offer horseback rides purely for enjoyment.

Spa Day!


{Photo courtesy of Bliss Mama Wellness}

Sometimes, we all just need to let off a little steam, and with school back in session, your daughter might need some relief as well. Taking some relaxing time to yourselves may be just what you need to sit back and simply refresh and de-stress. Click here for spa locations in Cumming GA.

The Netherworld

Let’s be honest, for each and every teenager, fall is the equivalent to the returning of two principle things: the obvious Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks, and Halloween. For the majority of these kids, this exciting holiday represents a time not only of tasty treats and sugar-rushes, but also imminent suspense that can electrify the atmosphere. In the Netherworld, the creeping monsters and exhilarating live actors create a portrayal of terrifying mayhem. This haunted house opens on September 23, and runs through November 5. Go get your scare on while you can!

Visit a Corn Maze and a Pumpkin Patch

Corn maze
With fall comes the inevitable need for pumpkins, so why not have some fun in the buying process? Right now, you can win tickets to visit Buford Corn Maze. Click here to enter that giveaway!
And there are several pumpkin patch options in Cumming GA. You can visit Kinsey Family Farm or Warbington Farms. They both are opening soon!
Click here for the schedule: Warbington Farms | Kinsey Family Farms

Wire and Wood Songwriters Festival

For most of this generation, music is not only represented the upbeat, trendy songs that come on the radio, but it’s also an outlet of self-expression that attaches itself to the heart of teenagers everywhere. One way in which you and your family can celebrate the magical effect music can have is to visit the Wire and Wood Songwriters Festival in Downtown Alpharetta. At this event, popular artists (as well as local talent) will be showcased singing some of their original songs and will be giving an inside look into the behind-the-scenes aspect of the musical world.

Just Drive Around

While this may seem too simplistic to captivate the attention of your teenagers, simply driving around and watching the leaves change colors can prove to be a thoroughly enjoying bonding experience. As you coast about the beautiful landscape that is Northern Georgia, you can take time to reconnect with each other and spend quality time together. Sure, we teenagers may seem to want nothing more than to groan and whine at the thought of having to actually get up and do something with our parents, but the truth is, we really do ache for close relationships for the ones who have given us everything; sometimes, we just don’t know how to go about it. By giving that extra little push, you can help your children grow in their relationship with you, while also having a beautiful backdrop to help set the mood.

Christina is part of the Honors Mentorship Program at Forsyth Central High School. She recently shared some fact about herself. You can read that article here.
To learn even more about Christina and our other contributing writers, click here.