Spring Cleaning: 5 Questions To Ask As You Clean Out Your Closet

Hello! I’m Morgan from It Is What We Do. I am so excited to be over here on Cumming Local today. My best friend, Ashley and I run a fashion blog called It Is What We Do. On our blog, we share about all things fashion! Ashley and I love to shop and we love to travel. We try new products and look out for the perfect pieces to add to our closet. Check out our photo below…
This month is all about spring cleaning and a big part of that in my house is tackling the closets! I have slowly started the process, but I need to finish the job. I have 5 questions I ask myself when picking what to keep and what to get rid of. Today I am sharing those tips/questions with you all. Spring is a great time to take on this project. It is also a great way to make room for new clothes! That is motivation enough for me to get cleaning!

  1. Does It fit? This seems like an obvious question. So many people hang onto clothes because they have a goal to fit back into those clothes. That is a great goal to work toward, but if you have been saying that for years then it might be time to get rid of the clothes that don’t fit. Make room for clothes that flatter your shape. If in the end you hit that goal of getting back down to the size you want what better way to reward your hard work by going out and buying some new clothes. New clothes are a great reward.
  2. Would you buy it in a store right now? If you are on the fence about whether or not to keep something, ask yourself if you were in the store shopping would you buy it. If the answer is no then get rid of it! I always think that when I am looking at some of my clothes. It really will make you stop and evaluate a lot of the clothes you own.
  3. Is it flattering? I have done this so many times. I have kept something because I like it and it still fits but it just isn’t all that flattering on me to wear. So instead of getting rid of it, I just hang on to it thinking it will magically look good on me. If you have some clothing that just doesn’t make you feel great when you put it on, then bye-bye clothes! Why wear clothes you don’t feel good in?If you know you aren’t going to wear them it is better to clear out the space in your closet. Having clothes that flatter you and make you feel good in your skin are so important. I love having options in my closet that I know I can easily throw on without putting too much thought into it, and feel good about what I have on.
  4. Have you worn it in the past year? If the answer is no, then ask yourself why. Is it because there has been no need to wear it. For example if you have a great classic dress, but haven’t had the need to dress up then you should keep that item. But if you have everyday clothing that you haven’t worn in a year or more it is probably time to part ways. I am so guilty of breaking this rule!! This is one thing I am trying to really implement when going through and picking what to clean out and what to keep. Sometimes going through your clothes like this shows you some great things you have that you might have forgotten about. It can be like a treasure hunt and you may pull out things you haven’t been wearing that you will start wearing all the time.
  5. Is it comfortable? This is a question I have to really ask myself. I am so guilty of buying something I love but after I wear it I realize it isn’t the most comfortable thing to wear. I still keep it but rarely if ever wear it. This mostly applies to shoes for me. There are times I buy a top or dress and realize it is not something easy to wear, so it just sits in the closet collecting dust. I am trying a lot harder to be more diligent when I shop to realize this before I buy something.

Now that you have cleaned out your closet you can organize everything better. I have started color coding my clothes. Before I would have everything in random order and forget about certain clothes. Now that I have it color coordinated it makes it easier for me to see and know what I have. If I am looking for a blue shirt then I have an easy way to search through all of my blue shirts.
Another great way to orgainze your clothes is my catergorizing them. You can put all of your t-shirts, button downs, blouses together. This is another great way to have those clothes easy to go through. If you need a nice blouse then you know you have one section you need to look through.
One motivation for cleaning out your closet is the ability to sell some of those gently used items and make some money. I have started using Poshmark and have loved it. It is a great way to get rid of clothes you don’t wear. The money you earn you can use for new clothes! For clothes I don’t think should re-sold will get donated to a local charity. Find somewhere you know will put the items you donate to good use. Both are great ways to stay motivated to clean out your closet.
Here’s to spring cleaning & getting organized! Cheers!

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PS – After you have cleaned out your closet and have items to donate, please consider donating to one of our local non-profits here in Forsyth County.

Morgan Brock has been married to her husband Jeremy for 12 years and is mom to two boys, Bennett and Walker.  She graduated college with a degree in Finance but never loved working in that field.  She has always had a love for fashion and shopping.  Her goal is to help people find great clothes that they love and feel confident in. She finds so much joy in that.  She is also a frugal shopper, so she loves sharing where to find great deals.  Her belief is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look your best!  All of this led Morgan and her best friend, Ashley, to start a fashion and lifestyle blog.
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