Random Acts of Kindness for Forsyth County – Week Four

We’re in week THREE of our mission to spread some kindness and love throughout Forsyth County.  If you’ve missed them, click here for Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 ideas.   Are you joining us?  We’d love to hear about it!!  Spread some kindness and love throughout Forsyth … we could all use a little unexpected happiness in our lives, right?
As a reminder, each week in November, we’ll put together a new list of some ideas.  Use these or come up with your own and help spread some kindness each day.   
Ideas for Week Three:  
1.  Rake or blow a neighbor’s leaves.
2.  Pay for the person behind you – in the check out or drive thru line.
3.  Take some homemade food (maybe a breakfast casserole or sweet treat) to the fire or police station.
4.  Surprise a waitor or waitress with a little extra holiday tip this week.
5.  While Black Friday shopping, allow the person behind you to go in line first – that’s something you don’t see every Black Friday!
6.  Write a Facebook review for your favorite Small Business in Forsyth County – and don’t forget to shop local:)
7.  Surprise a friend by having a pizza dinner delivered to their house – we could all use an unexpected night off from cooking!

Spread the love:

Feel free to tweet or share on Facebook with the hashtag #KindnessInForsyth or #ForsythCo so we can follow along!

Will you join us?

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