Random Acts of Kindness for Forsyth County – Week Two

Last week we kicked off our 4th year of “Kindness in Forsyth” – spreading random (or semi-random in some cases) acts of kindness throughout Forsyth.
Are you joining us?  We’d love to hear about it!!  Spread some kindness and love throughout Forsyth … we could all use a little unexpected happiness in our lives, right?
Each week, we’ll put together a new list of some ideas.  Use these or come up with your own and help spread some kindness each day.   

Ideas for Week Two:  

1.  Write a note or draw a picture and mail to surprise someone.  It will be fun for someone to receive it unexpectedly!
2.  Surprise someone at a vending machine – leave enough money with a small note for the next person to buy a drink or snack.
3.  With sidewalk chalk, draw a cheerful picture or not on an un-expecting neighbor’s driveway.  (Maybe don’t pick the mean, grumpy neighbor just in case they don’t appreciate the gesture – boo!).
4.  Think of a Veteran or someone actively serving that you can bless this week – maybe a hand written thank you note, a gift card, or a meal.
5.  Surprise a construction worker with a thermos of hot chocolate on a cold morning or bottled water in the afternoon.
6.  Check out our “Volunteer Opportunities in Forsyth County” list – call one of these organizations and say YES to one of their opportunities / needs.
7.  Bake a Treat & surprise someone.

Spread the love:

Feel free to tweet or share on Facebook with the hashtag #LocalRAK or #ForsythCO so we can follow along!

Will you join us?

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