Try Something Different This Winter: Learn To Play An Instrument

Did you know that research has shown that both listening to music and playing a musical instrument stimulates your brain and can increase your memory? If you are looking for something different for your child or yourself this winter – why not check out the winter music lessons at Music Authority.

Music Authority offers lessons on many different instruments and to students of all ages.  From the future Rock Star, just starting guitar at the age of seven, to the adult who always wanted to learn piano but never had the chance – they have the teacher just for you!  Their instructors are fun, engaging, and professional educators.

Pricing & Special Offer

Private lessons and classes are $105 per month.  If you mention this article you will receive $15 off your first month’s tuition.

Benefits of Music Lessons

  1. Physical Skill Development: There are a few instruments like drums, that help to progress coordination and motor skills because of they require movement from your hands, feet & arms. Some other instruments can help develop ambidexterity. And hey, who wouldn’t just love to have that skill?!
  2. Academic Improvements: When you understand beat, scales & rhythm you are learning to divide, recognize patterns & create fractions. As you can see – math and music go together. As time goes by, memorization takes place in the form of short-term and eventually long-term memory.
  3. Discipline and Patience Refining: A great lesson for children to learn is delayed gratification. Many instruments will have a learning curve to start playing them. Learning to play an instrument also teaches perseverance as you wade through hours, days, weeks, etc of practicing to be made perfect.
  4. Self-Esteem Booster: Learning how to take criticism is an important life skill. In the end, it does make you better to turn negative into positive feedback. Also, learning how to play an instrument publicly will aid in confidence to do public speaking.
  5. Aids in Social Skill Development: Communication, teamwork, collaboration are all experiences that will take place in a group lesson format. These social skills are imperative for a child to learn. And what better a place to learn these social skills than to be learning how to play an instrument as well.

Don’t take it just from us, take a moment to read Jackson’s story of how music changed him for the better in this article –  Music Makes A Difference.

Learn more about Music Authority:

MusicAuthority-LogoMusic Authority is a single location music store and music school in Cumming, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. It sees 500 students each week and contracts with almost twenty instructors.
Aside from private lessons, Music Authority offers two Rock Camps, two Showcase Bands, two large Rock-Style concerts, a String Ensemble, a Jazz Ensemble, an adult Choir, a Teens-Only New Year’s Eve Concert, and monthly Student Jam Nights, Open Mic Nights, and Adult Jams. In August Music Authority will be open its own intimate fifty-seat performance venue.

On any given weekend Music Authority alumni can be seen playing music in small and large venues from Savannah to Los Angeles. Since 2002 Music Authority has touched the lives of thousands of students, the young and shall we say the young at heart.

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Photo by Gavin Whitner