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Ways to Save:  Coupons Are Great

Yesterday, I shared one tip about my favorite “way to EARN” – and many of you told me you signed up – yay!!  But today, I’m sharing a tip for ways to SAVE.
There are lots (and lots & lots) of couponing and deal websites out there.  It can become incredibly overwhelming.  But here’s my one tip – follow someone local!
The big sites are great – really they are.  And I “like” several of them on Facebook and try to keep up.  But if you’re looking to really save from stores that are actually here in town, I say find a local deal blogger.  And of course I have a recommendation for you.
This past year I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with Leandrea of Coupons Are Great.

Leandrea is a mom to two little girls, a kindergartener and preschooler.  Born and raised in Oregon, Leandrea moved to Georgia six years ago and is happy to call it her home.  Since living in Georgia she has started running and using coupons.  The deals that are available in Georgia have saved her family a lot of money and Leandrea enjoys teaching other people that coupons are great.
Through her website, Coupons Are Great she shows you that coupons add up and give you more money to pay for the fun things in life.  As a parent Leandrea learned that toys often go on clearance and decided that if she wasn’t going to pay full price for brand new toys that she wouldn’t pay full price for essentials like toilet paper or toothpaste.

In addition to coupons & deals, she also hosts some really great giveaways, practical crafts & tips, and always has tips on getting products for FREE.
You may run in to Leandrea shopping at a local store (yes, with coupons but without a huge coupon binder) or running/biking on the Greenway.
And don’t just take my word for it – over 16,000 people follow her site on Facebook!!

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