65+ Days of Summer Things To Do In Forsyth County

Summer Things To Do in Forsyth County

65+ Days of Summer Things to Do in Forsyth County 

I love that picture of the kids playing in the pool! It just reminds me of summer. Well – It’s officially SUMMER BREAK here in Forsyth County! And if you are like me, then you are going to be looking for summer things to do in Forsyth County!

When it comes to summer break – what are you most excited about? I’m most excited about two things: not getting up at 5:30am & not sitting in carline everyday!

About a month ago I started thinking about summer and putting together a rough plan for us. As I was doing that I thought to myself – I bet other people could benefit from my planning! Long story made short – that is how the “65+ Days of Summer” e-book was created.

Summer Things To Do In Forsyth County

I began making a bucket list for everything we could do in Forsyth County this summer. Then I organized it into seven categories…

  • Indoor Fun (Story Times, Jumpy Places, Indoor Entertainment, Theatre & Crafting or Cooking Places)
  • Outdoor Fun (Pools, Water Fun, Parks, Playgrounds, Farms, Farmer Markets & Fishing Spots)
  • Create Something (Building or Art Locations)
  • Movie Time (Free Movies & Cheap Movies)
  • Sweet & Treats (Ice Cream Shops, Bakeries & Tea Rooms)
  • Fun At Home (Ideas Of Things To Do Around Your House)
  • Summer Events (Organized In Order By Date)
  • Date Night Ideas

With some graphic design it became a 13-page downloadable and printable e-book in a checklist format. And I decided to give this away for FREE as a BIG THANK YOU to all my readers and website sponsors! The Cumming Local Facebook page just hit over 12,000 followers. Also, the newsletter subscription has double as has the website traffic. And I have partnered with some really fabulous local businesses.

Without further ado…I give you the 65+ Days of Summer: A checklist of things to do & places to go this summer in Forsyth County & Cumming, GA.

Download your FREE copy by clicking here – 65+ Days of Summer

Summer Things To Do in Forsyth County

For other summer things to do in Forsyth County, check out the following links:

I hope you have a GREAT summer!

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  1. Great article and information! Thank you for putting this together for us. I am sitting here now to make a checklist for our summer bucket list… your list helped so much 🙂

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