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Our friends at Mia’s Pizza & Eats have been great supporters of Cumming Local – both through sponsorship of our website and our on-site events too.  Most recently, they’ve been food sponsors for two of our Girl’s Night Out Events.
When I mention Mia’s as a food sponsor, you might immediately assume we’ll be eating pizza.  So you might surprised to see what we actually enjoy!

Mia's Pizza & Eats Catering

{Pictured:  Top Left – Meatball Sliders, Top Right – Mini Spinach Dip Bread Bowl, Bottom Right – Greek Salad on a Stick, Bottom Left – Bruschetta}

Yes, Mia’s has great pizza.  They also have great salads, great appetizers, desserts and even a super fresh “local” menu whenever possible.  But they also have an incredible catering menu.
And while many of the catering options are listed on their menu, according to the owners, “the sky is the limit”. You may choose beautiful Bruschetta, the fun Salads on a Stick, or amazing artisan sandwiches (not listed on the Catering Menu, but all available).
When I worked with Mia’s Pizza & Eats for our most recent Girl’s Night Out event, I simply told them what our event would be like – we would be on the go (to & from two destinations), we’d be busy with shopping & facials, but it was also dinner time so we’d be hungry too!  From there, they came up with the perfect menu for us!!
Working with Mia’s for this event was such a breeze!  The Meatball Sliders, Spinach Dip Bread Bowls, and Pepperoni Bites (not pictured), were all perfect for being both a filing choice and easy to eat while on the go.  The Greek Salad on a Stick was not only fun in presentation, but it was healthy and certainly the easiest way to eat a salad on the go!  And of course, Mia’s knew a Girl’s Night Out Event must require something for the sweet tooth – so they also included their Cheesecake Bites.  And for the Cheesecake, I’ll have to trust the girls that were in attendance – apparently they were so delicious they ate every bite before I could get to it!!  (I just might be a little sad about that still)!
You may have caught Mia’s Pizza around town offering “grilled pizzas”.  This has become very popular at festivals and events.  Even weddings are picking up with the pizza trend in 2012 – grilled pizzas and pizza bars!  I wish I was ahead of the curve and offered that to my wedding guests!

Mia's Pizza & Eats - Grilled Pizza Catering

{Click image for larger view}

 So, what type of Catering needs do you have coming up?  Maybe a birthday party?  An office event?  Or looking ahead to the Holidays?  Mia’s has more than just great pizza!
If you have a Catering need, definitely give Mia’s an opportunity to impress you – with the menu selection, the presentation and the ease of working with them too!
And while you’re here & now craving some pizza, be sure to snag some great coupons to enjoy inside their restaurant – click here & enter password “pizza” when prompted!

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