10 Reasons To Visit Pinspiration GA At Vickery Village 

“Somewhere, something INCREDIBLE is waiting to be KNOWN.” -Carl Sagan
Maybe this is just me but – have you ever visited a local shop and left feeling super excited? Well, when you meet the staff and watch a studio be built out, its thrilling to see everything come together so well. I’ve been in contact with Tiffany, who moved here from Arizona to open Pinspiration GA, since December of 2016. We’ve been touching base a bunch over the last 7 months as the build out was happening. Last week, I got to spend some time with her checking out the inside before it opened to the public. I walked away from our time full of reasons why you will want to visit Pinspiration as soon as possible.

Here’s my top ten reasons why you will want to visit this Pinterest-inspired DIY art studio ASAP:

#1 – Anyone Can Be a Maker:

Makers gonna make! That’s right, anyone. No matter your age or gender, you can do any of the fun projects at Pinspiration. You don’t have to be crafty either. They provide everything you need down to the easy instructions right on an iPad.

Watch this video for information on how the brick and mortar idea came to life in Arizona:

#2 – Splatter Room:

Imagine a room that you can enter and splatter paint freely onto canvas to make a unique painting. That is what the splatter room is all about. You get all set up in protective wear and then you splatter the fun right out onto a blank canvas for 15 minutes! This would be awesome for birthday parties, corporate events, and date nights. Pinspiration offers several package deals for this Jackson Polluck inspired painting experience! Click here for more information.

#3 – Referral Program:

Here’s an insider scoop for you – they have an excellent referral program. If you get a group of 6 or more to complete a project in the studio, then you as the host get your project free! {Please note – Must mention at the time of reservation.} 
Pinspiration GA

#4 – Live Music on Fridays:

Every Friday from 6-10pm, Pinspiration will have local artists playing live music. Another insider scoop for you: they will do cover band songs as well as some original music. The type of music is a soothing yet hip feel – like Jason Mraz, Adele, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, etc.
Pinspiration GA

#5 – Playdates:

I can totally see myself doing the playdate options multiple times with my kiddos. It’s a package deal where you and your child (or children) do a set of three crafts together. And then you get a fun snack to share. The example I saw was called the “Rainbow Playdate.” Together with your child (or children) – you do a monogram mug, spin machine art, and an alcohol ink tile. Then while you are waiting for your stuff to dry you decorate and eat a rainbow on a graham cracker. Doesn’t that sound like a fun time for you and your kids?

#6 – Reservations or Drop in:
At Pinspiration GA you can either drop-in to do a project or you can call to make reservations. TIP: Because Pinspiration has just opened, I would recommend you make reservations. Especially if you are wanting to do the splatter room. You can call them at 470.253.7251 or visit the website.

#7 – Parties:

Speaking of parties, what a great place to host one! Kid birthday parties, adult birthday parties, basically any kind of party – they all would be superb at Pinspiration GA. While I was with Tiffany, she showed me over 10 different themes they have for Boutique parties. You won’t have to plan a thing, Pinspiration will take care of everything for you! Visit the events page on their website to learn more about parties at Pinspiration GA!

#8 – Pinterest-inspired:

We all love Pinterest. But for most of us, when we attempt to make a Pinterest project – it never turns out like the picture. I actually love those memes that have the “PINTEREST FAIL” stamp. They always make me laugh. But that will not be the case here at Pinspiration. Everyone can walk away looking like a Pinterest expert.
Do you have an idea of something you want to do from Pinterest? Talk with Tiffany. She might be able to put together a kit for you! Everything on the DIY wall is customizable too. So many options that you will need multiple trips to this new studio!

#9 – Summer Camp: 

At Pinspiration’s daily art camps, your child (ages 5 and up) will do their own Pinterest-inspired project. Another insider scoop: some of the ideas for the weekly themes are Disney, Pirates and Mermaids, Artists (Like Andy Warhol). The camps will be offered daily from 9-12pm. You will need to pre-register your child. You can do that by clicking here.
Pinspiration GA

#10 – Support Local Business:

You guys know me well enough now to know that I have to do a pitch for supporting the local business. Tiffany (sister of Brooke who opened Pinspiration in AZ) moved to Georgia just to open Pinspiration GA in Vickery Village. She now resides in Forsyth County and is making this her home. I am so thankful because I know Pinspiration is going to be a HUGE success. So come on out to support this new local business and as always be sure to let them know you heard about them from Rachael with CummingLocal.com 🙂
PS – This is Tiffany…

More Information on Pinspiration GA:

Pinspiration GA
Connect Online: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Phone: 470-253-7251
Location: 5806 N. Vickery St., Cumming, GA 30040
Monday- Noon-9pm
Tuesday- CLOSED
Wednesday- Noon-9pm
Thursday- Noon-9pm
Friday- Noon-10pm
Saturday- Noon-10pm
Sunday- Noon-8pm

Find your Pinspiration today!