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Loving Your Kid Even When They Annoy You

I’m asking for a “friend”… Does your kid ever annoy you? Yeah, my kids never annoy me either. But for the sake of my “friend,” let’s pretend he’s not the only one.
When your kid is snuggly and in a good mood, they are so lovable. But when they do that thing that just drives you crazy…I mean when my “friend’s” kid does something that annoys him…how do you still feel the love for your kid?
Here are 10 real-life ways to still feel the love for your kid even when they annoy you:

  1. Go to your bathroom, lock the door, and sit on the toilet. If that doesn’t give you the break you need, do some yard work, wash a car, put in some ear buds (music optional), check the mailbox, whatever it takes to get a break.
  1. Spend some time with another dad’s kid. Other people’s kids are always more annoying than your own kid. A little perspective always helps.
  1. Consider all the annoying things you do, then remind yourself who loves you despite these things. Knowing you’re loved…even when you’re annoying…helps you love others…even when they’re annoying.
  1. Give them some screen time. Yes, I know screen time equals bad parenting. But sometimes your mental health is more important.
  1. Pause and think…you’re going to miss this annoying kid one day.
  1. Pawn your kid off on someone else. Ask a friend if your kid can come over and play with their kid. Invite another kid over to play with your kid…to be a buffer.
  1. Give your kid a break. They’re just a kid.
  2. Send them outside to play. If it’s below 25 degrees, send them to their room to play. Every kid needs some alone play time.
  3. Annoy your kid back. You won’t win the “Mature Parent Of The Year” award, but it might make you feel better. FYI…that award does not exist.
  4. Ask God to help you see your kid like He sees you when you are annoying Him. Ok, maybe you don’t annoy God. But no one is 100% lovable all the time. And God still loves you no matter what.

Ok. Ok. I’ll be honest with you. All “friend” references are really me. I just didn’t want to admit it. But I’m not alone, right?
My three kids are awesome. But sometimes…
Our kids annoy us at times. They may truly be annoying during those times. Or we may just be on edge and, honestly, anything would annoy us at that time. Either way, we can feel love for our kid when this happens.

Casey Ross has been married to Julie for over 20 years and is the dad to one daughter and two sons. Casey and his family share some common loves: the Atlanta Falcons / United / Hawks, Mexican food, Hilton Head Island, and just about any kind of competition. Julie and Casey mentor engaged couples, lead married small groups, and lead small groups called Starting Point at their church. If Casey is not at home or work, you can probably find him at Chick fil A enjoying a Frosted Coffee and a Diet Dr Pepper or working out.
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