Dear Mom and Dad,
As my senior year begins to draw to a close, I can’t help but think about everything I’ve experienced over the past four years. I can’t help but think about all the late nights of doing homework, about all the football games, the church retreats, the homecoming dances, the proms, and the times that I’ve spent laughing with some of my very best friends. I can’t help but remember all the moments that molded me into who I am over my high school career, both good and bad. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I’m taking the time to think about my final times in the nest, the final times when I was in the comfort of my childhood home, the final year before everything changes.
And I want to tell you that it was all fantastic. I want to tell you that everything went just swimmingly, that there were not bumps in the road, but that is simply not true. There were most definitely times when I was overcome by my stress and fear, as is the case for most teenagers my age. There were moments when I’ve doubted myself and thought that I wasn’t good enough. There were even times when I looked in the mirror and thought, “Do I even have a purpose in this world?”
The reality of high school and teenage years is this—there will be a point in life when you don’t believe in yourself. There will be a night when your flooded by mountains of AP homework, and you feel like you’ll never escape. There will even be times when your heart is broken, your best friend has just betrayed you, and you feel alone. I know because I personally experienced all of these things. However, let me be the first to tell you that there was eventually a way out. There was always eventually a shoulder to cry on; there were always people whom I knew cared for me more than I could ever know. Those people were you.
It was you who were there when the stress kicked in; it was you who were there when I felt like I wasn’t good enough, so I want to use this open letter as an opportunity to say thank you. I want to thank you and all the other parents of my fellow high school seniors because, believe it or not, we appreciate you. We appreciate the times when you pushed us to our highest potential and the times when you expressed your disappointment. Daughters appreciate the times when they had to admit, against their will, that mother knew best, and sons appreciate the times when their dads taught them important lessons such as respect and dignity.
We love all of the time that we have gotten to spend with you for the past eighteen years, and I know some of my peers will hate to admit this, but we will miss you so incredibly much as we embark on a future of our own. I suppose there aren’t enough words in the universe to talk about how amazing parents are, but I’m going to leave you with this—thank you for being our number one fans, our cheerleaders, and our defenders. Thank you for the life lessons, the amazing home cooked meals, and for doing our laundry. Thank you all for all the grueling tasks you have been forced to pursue as we grew up. Thanks for being the best parents in the entire world.
We Love You,
Morgan {and all of the other high school seniors in Forsyth County}

Morgan Champion is an ambitious North Forsyth High School senior who believes in the power of serving others, reaching for her dreams, and having a positive attitude—no matter her circumstances. Besides writing for “Cumming Local,” Morgan enjoys volunteering at her church, at the Forsyth County Peer Court, and at various clubs and organizations throughout her school.
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