Summer Reading Program

Forsyth County Public Library Summer Reading Program

The Summer Reading Program through the Forsyth County Public Library is back!   Have you signed up your pre-school or elementary student for the “Dig into Reading” program yet?  And Middle School and High School Students are invited to participate in the “Groundbreaking Reads” program.
Simply register, set a goal, read the books, and earn a prize book (when they meet the goal of course)!
Registration is open through July 31st  and prizes may be picked up until August 24th; however, this is only while supplies last.  So might be safest to have the kids start and finish before summer ends!
And Adults … you’re not left out!  Register for the “Dig up a Great Read” program – you won’t earn a prize book but you’ll be entered in a giveaway for a chance to win a Sony eReader!!  Pretty cool too!

To Register:

Click here for pre-school and Elementary students

Click here for Middle School & High School Students

Click here for Adult Summer Reading Program

More Information:

Visit the Forsyth County Public Library Online

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