10 Things You Might Not Know About The Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce

I finally joined the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce last year and it has been such a blessing. I’ve loved the networking events. And I have loved getting to know so many fabulous small business owners. But above all else – I have learned so much about our Chamber. As I was reflecting over the past year, I felt this information would make a great article. So today I’m sharing with you 10 things you might not know about the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce.
1 – Our Chamber planned and put on the Play at the Park event with the Forsyth County Parks Department. I totally did not know this was put on by our Chamber, but it sure was!
2 – Guess what else is put on by our fabulous Chamber of Commerce? The Food Trucks n’ Foco events! For me, this was another shock.
3 – They have networking Facebook groups for members. And I have really enjoyed being able to share my articles with the other members. It’s also a great way to stay connected in between networking meetings.
4 – Their website has a business directory. This has come in handy when I was looking for a particular type of business to use. I’m hopeful it will come in handy to you as well!
5 – They do business training events all the time for members. Marketing, Social Media, HR, and many other trainings were put on this past year. To learn more, follow this link to their Business Advancement Resources.
6 – They have a free Visitor’s Guide available online. Grab a copy for yourself, right here.
7 – The Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce was created in 1954. And their purpose is still the same today – “to advance positive business growth and community partnerships to promote a superior quality of life.”
8 – They have 12 people on their staff and over 50 people on their Board of Directors and Executive Committee. I can personally tell you that our Chamber has an excellent group of leaders on their staff. Did you know that our Chamber is not part of the government in our county? They are a private 501c6 organization that is owned and operated by a Board of Directors. Basically, they act as a vendor to the City of Cumming & Forsyth County Government to create economic development in the area.
9 – The Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce has a tourism department. The tourism department works to get visitors into our community through film, sports, and recreation. In fact, you should take a moment and read this article in the Forsyth County News about Forsyth Film. You may be wondering why do I care if there is a tourism department?  Well, I believe you should care because the tourists shop in local stores, eat in local restaurants, and pay hotel and sales taxes that generate revenue. That revenue helps to keep our property taxes low. Pretty cool, right?
10 – The website https://chooseforsyth.org has been a great resource for looking into all the business development in our county. I recommend that you take a few minutes and look around. It’s all such interesting information.