The Wonders of Writing by Christina LaPlaca

The following post is written by Christina LaPlaca, a high school student and part of the Honors Mentorship Program at Forsyth Central. Today she is sharing what she learned being an intern for Cumming Local this school year. 
This year, through the wonderful aid of the Honors Mentorship Program, I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Cumming Local, and even been able to write for them as often as I can. While you all may have seen my articles on this website, there has been a whole other part to this experience that took place behind the scenes. Because I was given this opportunity through my interaction in the Honors Mentorship Program, I also have several obligations through the Program, the most important of which is my capstone. This project, an accumulation of everything I’ve done all year, embodies all of the research I have conducted regarding the journalism and all of its inner workings. Because I only post certain articles on this website, I thought that it would be a nice change to let everyone see the final product of what I have worked so hard to accomplish.
Here, you’ll be able to find an online presentation overviewing the entirety of my project:

If you are interested in taking a look at her final capstone online, visit her blog at The Wonders of Writing.

Christina LaPlaca is part of the Honors Mentorship Program at Forsyth Central High School. She recently shared some facts about herself. You can read that article here.
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