The following is a guest post by Cumming Resident Anna Everhart.  Anna is a wife, mother, author, blogger and someone I’m happy to know personally! So many of us have a desire to eat real, clean, whole food but often struggle with the thought that good food is also more expensive food.  Today, Anna’s sharing some very basic concepts and tips for eating locally grown, organic food … on a budget!

Whole Foods Budgeting 101 by Anna Everhart

2012 has brought me a task of super mommy epic proportions.  Or, that is, my husband Jeremy has charged me with coming up with a grocery budget of $400 while still eating locally grown, organic food.  “Oh, that will be easy honey!” I say as I bite my lip and grab a pen and paper.  One thing that makes budgeting so easy with local food is that it’s a flat rate with no extra tax.  I know exactly to the dollar what my grocery bill will be!  OK, I have THAT going for me….but not much else!
Feeding a family of 4 good wholesome food on $400/month, is…a stretch.  BUT, I have to do it, so I thought I would share this information with you!  I am sure many of us are in  budget crunch mode.  Truth be told, I could sacrifice quality and have more money for…what…snack food?  McDonald’s?  But, what good will that do for our health?  NO, I am staying the course and enforcing our whole food lifestyle, and I am super mommy, budget green extraordinaire, and I am going to DO THIS!
Will you join me?  Will you make 2012 your healthiest year yet while staying on a budget fit for a lower middle class family?  Let’s forge ahead, shall we?
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