I love snacks. And football season is one of my favorite times to snack. There are all kinds of great recipes out there. I even have a WHOLE pinterest board dedicated to snacks! You can visit it if you want by clicking here.

The last time I shared my favorite snacks for football season was 2 years ago. So it’s about time to update that list!

Here’s our {updated} list of the top 10 DELICIOUS football snack ideas:

(These are in no particular order)
1. Artichoke Dip in the Slow Cooker: This dip is always a party pleaser. What I like about it is that it stays warm in the crockpot til the last bite!
2. Cream Cheese Trio Appetizer: This looks pretty on a spread of snacks and it tastes delicious!
3. Ham and Cheese Sliders with Mustard Dipping Sauce: These could even be a lunch or dinner if wanted. The kids love them too!
4. Cookie Dough Dip: I’m not a sweet snack person. But I do really love this one. It tastes just like chocolate chip cookie dough!
5. Cream Cheese Bean Dip: This dip is smooth and yummy. You can choose how spicy or not spicy you want it.
6. Touchdown Taco Dip: I love this Pampered Chef recipe! It’s served warm. Sometimes I add ground beef with taco seasoning as well.
7. Skinny Chicken Enchilada Dip: Green chilies aren’t spicy but super flavorful. I think they make this dip delicious!
8. Meatball Sliders: Again this one can be a lunch or dinner and the kids love it.
9. Sweet n’ Spicy Sausage: We love these sausages. You can keep them warm in a crockpot.
10. Salami Cream Cheese Bites: Salami, green olives, and cream cheese. Need I say anything more?
So those are our 10 favorites snacks for football season right now. I realized after putting this together, I must have been craving cream cheese. Cream cheese does make everything better!

What might you add to our list?