Tiny Towne

We decided that our last Summer Adventure should be a visit to Tiny Towne. If you have never been there with your kids, you need to plan to take them. My kids, 6 and 4, had a BLAST! In this article I will highlight what we think the best parts of Tiny Towne are.
From our house in Cumming, GA it was about a 35 minute drive. Tiny Towne is located in Norcross, GA. Tip: When you go make sure it’s not a heavy traffic time. Our GPS took us all the way down 141. We didn’t hit traffic because we went on a Sunday.
The Track
As a parent, I have to say that the best thing about their track is no matter the age of your child they can enjoy it. They have car options from age 1 to age 15. Like I mentioned before my kids are 4 and 6, so they got to drive around the Beginner Track. I love that it makes them feel so cool because they are driving a car that’s their size. The employees working the track are friendly and helpful. If kids get turned around the wrong way they are able to stop everyone from driving and help those children. You can be sure your children will be safe. Tiny Towne would also be a safe environment for you to teach your older kids to drive before getting them on the real road.
To read more about the driving options click here.
The Arcade and Prizes
When I asked Finn and Selah what their favorite part was about Tiny Towne and the arcade came in as a tie with driving on the track. I’m not surprised with their answer. As a parent, I love the arcade because it’s definitely made for kids. All the games are age appropriate. And the prizes are actually great prizes! We played for over an hour in the arcade. TIP: The games take anywhere from 1 to 3 credits each. Be sure to factor that in to how many credits you purchase. We let our kids use 25 credits in the arcade.
Train Ride and Birthday Parties
Finn and Selah also loved riding the train around Tiny Towne. Their favorite part about the ride was that it goes through a tunnel. The train is playing fun hip hop train music. And you can ride with your kids, which was fun for us!
My son has a birthday coming up in September. So while I was there, I grab some information on their parties. There was also a party room set up so we took a look. Tiny Towne will take care of everything for you. They also have a special that if you book 6 weeks in advance you can get 20% off.
Click here to learn more about their birthday party options.
Ticket Pricing
As far as tickets goes, the best way to go is one of the BEST VALUE packages. My kids each had 45 credits and we spent the afternoon there. That includes riding the train, driving booster cars, playing in the arcade, and eating lunch. We also finished our time with ice cream!
To find out more about their pricing click here.

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Learning has to be fun! We provide a solid education on driving safety through entertainment.
In addition to two different level tracks, the center is an anti rainy day facility and has an arcade room, party rooms for group events, a restaurant, a classroom to host field trips, a computer lab equipped with 30 touch screen computers and simulators, and various waiting areas for parents.
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Disclosure: Our kids were given a pass to use while we experience Tiny Towne. However, all my opinions are 100% my own.