The following is a guest post by the owners of Green Star Roofing, of Cumming GA.  While we don’t necessarily think of our roof in terms of “Spring Cleaning”, it is a season to certainly pay attention to our roof and the weather damage it may receive.

We are currently in the midst of Hail and Tornado season, and with hail already falling in parts of Georgia, the storm chasers have arrived.  It’s important to understand some information on hail damage, some facts about storm chasers, and the insurance process.
Hail damage is real.

  • Hail damage is not visible from the ground
  • Hail & Wind damage reduces the life of your roof
  • Unaddressed, water damage may occur
  • This damage will only be covered by your insurance for a limited time

And while hail damage is real, it is also an easy way to be tricked into filing unnecessary claims.  Many roofs have been replaced in the last 5 years because of the hail storms we have received.  However, many bad roofers have also pressured homeowners into filing unnecessary claims for their roof that received small hail, not large enough to actually damage their shingles.  This, in turn, has resulted in increased premiums for areas that did not have legitimate hail damage.  It is important to have a local roofer who you can trust assess your damage PRIOR to filing a claim.
If you do not have damage, a good roofer will tell you.  If you do have damage, a good roofer will meet with your adjuster and negotiate with your insurance carrier.
The Facts About Storm Chasers:
Storm work is one market that is always thriving somewhere.  Many contractors, known as “storm chasers”, follow storms each year, from one disaster to the next, profiting often through deception and dishonest business practices. Georgia is a highly unregulated State when it comes to roofing, which means consumers must do their own due diligence to protect themselves and their largest investment, their home.  Many of these out of state companies look good in the short term—they have professional marketing material, their salesmen are experts in charm and deception, their roofs go on fast—but in the long-term homeowners will pay the price.
The serious problems that will result from storm chasers and poor workmanship will not be obvious right away. By the time you identify your problems, the storm chasers will be a hurricane and five hail storms away, and you will be stuck with a leaking roof. That nice guy from “Cherokee County Roofing” will be long gone and is now working for “Alamo Roofing.” And you will be out of luck, often paying thousands of dollars out of your own pocket to fix your roof.

Insurance Claims 101:
Many homeowners are skeptical when hearing insurance is paying for someone’s roof replacement due to hail and wind storms, and for good reason.
But the truth is, storm damage is considered a catastrophic event and can void the warranty on your roof.  Because of this, insurance companies take it very seriously and will assign an adjuster to determine if a damaged roof is insurable.  If it is damaged, and therefore not insurable, they are required to replace the roof.
Common Indications that you may need a roof inspection:

  • Recent Hail or Wind storm
  • Water-stains on the ceiling
  • Roof debris on the ground after heavy winds
  • Rot, warping, or curling of existing roof material
  • Extreme moss build-up

Special Offer for Cumming Local Readers:

If you’ve experienced any of the common indications listed above, give Green Star Roofing a call.  You’ll receive a free on-site inspection.  If it’s determined that you’re in need of a replacement, you’ll receive $500 Off your New Roof Purchase (some restrictions may apply) or Free Ventilation Upgrade with New Roof Purchase.

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