Random Acts of Kindness for Forsyth County – Week Four

Can you believe we have already done three weeks of Random Acts of Kindness for Forsyth County? I hope that it was as successful for you as it was around here. We loved doing all the Random Acts of Kindness! There is one week left of this challenge and we would love for you to partner with us. Our hope is that we spread a wave of kindness throughout our county.
What are Random Acts of Kindness?
A Random Act of Kindness has been described on wikipedia as “a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people.” Random Acts of Kindness are also known as RAKs.
How will this work?
We have put together a weekly list of Random Acts of Kindness for Forsyth County that we will post every Monday until the end of November. You can either do the 7 items on our list or make up your own.
What do we want to accomplish?
That’s simple – here at Cumming Local we just want to make a difference in the community. So lets band together and do some selfless acts for other people in Forsyth County!
Here is our list for week four:

Random Acts of Kindness for Forsyth County

We are pulling some Random Acts of Kindness for Forsyth County ideas from this website. You can go there for more ideas as well. And if you decide to tweet or share on Facebook about it, use the hashtag #LocalRAK and #ForsythCo

Will you join us?

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