Using the PLAtime Box to Connect with Children

In the craziness of this busy fall season – how do we set aside and protect time with our kids? Personally, we try to have a family night every Friday or Saturday. During this time, we have dinner together as a family and afterwards we will play some sort of game (hide and seek, board games, or cards). A couple months ago, I stumbled upon a local company making these PLAtime Boxes. They were so kind to bring me one to check out. I incorporated the activities from the box into our family time and we absolutely loved it! I felt the concept was super unique and allowed us to easily connect as a family. And I’m so excited to share about how YOU can use the PLAtime Box to connect with YOUR children as well.

“Let our Fall PLAtime box help you infuse relational rhythm into your routines! You set aside the time and we maximize your time by handling the planning and preparation.”

The Fall PLAtime Box Contains:

  • 7 planned activities
  • All supplies needed for each activity
  • Instructions for each activity
  • A dozen extended play options

When we used the PLAtime box, I realized that this made things so much easier for me. I didn’t have to plan a thing. I didn’t have to buy anything else. And I didn’t have to gather additional items in my home. I was able to sit down with the box, pull out an activity, read the instructions, and start connecting with my kids right away!
So if you are anything like me – then you are wondering…”how does it box work?”

How Does the PLAtime Box Work:

1. ORDER: You order your box by clicking here. PLAtime has provided you with $5 off coupon. Make sure you enter the promo code: CLFALL17. {Please note – This promo expires September 15th.} 
2. EXPLORE: When the box arrives, take some time to familiarize yourself with the box and its contents. Then go ahead and set a 20-30 minute time to use the box each week moving forward. You will only use one activity per week in that window of time.
3. CONNECT: When the set time comes, you simply sit down in the living room with your family and follow the instructions on the card. You can also visit the PLAtime Blog for more ideas on how to use this system with multiple children in the home as well as how to boost sibling relationships using the activities.

Two Things to Keep in Mind:

  • The concepts are the product – not the items! The items are not a toy to keep child occupied but they are extremely common items used to build relationships. Think of it this way – the items are more like props to highlight the fun side of parent who may have otherwise been too tired to use their imagination. (Sounds like me after a long week!)
  • This box will make saying “yes” to relational play time easier because it is more interesting for you as the parent. And you don’t have to do anything except follow instructions.

Ok – are you ready to order? I can’t wait to use this Fall PLAtime box with my family. Be sure to let me know what you think!

Click here to order the Fall box

INSIDER INFO: Coming soon – An Emotions Box! Use our Emotions Box strategy to teach the children in your life emotional vocabulary. Then move beyond words into practical trial and error to find their personal favorite activities to manage their own emotions. The emotions box is set up with 4 vocabulary building activities, 1 self evaluating activity designed to be repeated at least once, and over 20 calming play options.

More Information About PLAtime:

PLAtimeAt PLAtime, we see and feel the struggle to carve time and energy to really connect personally. We recognize the urgent obligations of each day. Using items that are not necessarily toys, we connect parents and kids by simplifying PLAtime while simultaneously stretching imaginations & developing strong neural pathways.  We equip parents to routinely include PLAtime with mealtimes, bath-times, friend-time, school-time, and sports-time.
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