“I Am One” Clubs In & Around Forsyth County

Just One Africa truly believes in students and their ability to change the world. At the heart of all that we do you can find this to be true over and over again as we partner with students and their incredible teachers locally and nationally. Just One Africa was founded on the belief that each person CAN change the world for someone, just one person at a time. We work hard to model that in the local school systems through our “I Am One’ clubs.
What is an “I Am One” club exactly?
Ask any one of our students and they would tell you that it is a way for them to have fun with their friends while also changing the world…one bead at a time. Our clubs are at numerous schools in Forsyth and Fulton County, and we are constantly growing and being asked to be at other schools. We believe that every student has the capacity to change the world and we work to give them the tools to create change the world through volunteering with our recycled paper beaded projects. We don’t just want to share global problems or tell them our story, we want to invite them to actually be a part of changing their world locally and globally.
For every recycled paper bead bracelet or ornament that you purchase from Just One Africa, there is an amazing story woven within, and the students get to be a part of that story. While our Masai mama friends make the beads in Kenya, the beads come back to the U.S.A. and are cleaned, cut apart, strung, and assembled by a middle or high school student. This gives the student service hours but also instills in them that they can change their world. These products are then sold at events, online, and in stores with 100% of the proceeds going back to our Clean Water Program in Kenya. How cool is that?

Lately, our clubs have been taking a break from stringing bracelets and have been stringing beads on wire for our handmade ornaments with the beautiful paper beads that change the world. They do such an incredible job and it is so amazing to see them create change before or after school, once or twice a month.
Just One Africa is about equipping people to make the world a better place and what better way to do that than to invest in the next generation, support their teachers and give them all the chance to re-make the world in a tangible and world-changing way by providing clean water as they string beads.

If you have any questions about our “I Am One” clubs, please email info@justoneafrica.org. If you would like to purchase one of our world changing bracelets or ornaments you can shop in our online store: shop.justoneafrica.org