This Tuesday, November 8th, Cumming Local will gather with friends & family, readers, and hopefully you, for a Food Drive Event.  It’s a night set aside to benefit the Food for Thought Project and their initiative to keep food banks and pantries across Cumming and Forsyth County full – all year long and especially during the holiday season.
It will be a fun night with crafts for the kids, a discount savings off the dinner menu, some awesome giveaways, and of course a great cause!  For every two-canned food items that you bring, you’ll receive one raffle ticket and entry for some pretty great giveaways.
Earlier this month we began working with Mr. Greg Walkup’s 3rd Grade Class at Vickery Creek Elementary School in Cumming.  Each quarter, they quarter his class gets involved with a Community Outreach Project and we were thrilled to team up with them this school year.  We’ll be bringing you different articles from students in his class throughout the week as they did some research on hunger throughout America and ways to help within our county.
We’re very excited to bring you today’s article, Hunger in America, from 3rd grade student Caroline.

Hunger in America – by Caroline, 3rd Grader at Vickery Creek Elementary School
Teacher:  Mr. Greg Walkup

Hi my name is Caroline and I am going to tell you all about hunger in America.  And just to tell you malnourished means people in hunger.  On October 11, 2010 it was told that the number of malnourished people has increased.  Thousands of people die a year of hunger.  Six million children die a year.  It is sad how people die and suffer.
Stats of malnourished people developing the world.  (How many people are getting food that are malnourished people).
1970 – 37%
1980 – 28%
1990 – 20%
2005 – 16%
2007 – 17%
2009 – 16%
Opinion – I personally do not like hunger.  I think it is sad that those people suffer or even die.
Websites to help fight hunger
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