Goodbye … and See You Again

It’s been 5 years since I started working on this little ol’ website called Cumming Local.  November 18, 2015 will actually be the 5th anniversary of it being live, but that summer before I was diligently working behind the scenes – reserving domains, setting up accounts and working with the site designer.  And doing research.  Lots and lots of research.   And lots more research.
early years
I had two little kids at home, had just started staying home with them full time, and was constantly looking for things to do and places to go with them.  I remember how frustrating it was to not find the information I was looking for all in one place.  At the same time, I saw all the hard work my sister in law at Skin Solutions was putting into her new locally owned business and I had a desire to support small businesses owners, like her, as much as possible.
I figured if I was looking for things to do, places to go, and small businesses to support here in Cumming GA & Forsyth County, SURELY other moms and dads had to be as well.  And with that, I launched Cumming Local {becoming more local}.

And what a fun journey it’s been!

We’ve published over 2000 blog posts, had dozens of Girl’s Night Out Events, some family events, lots of great conversations on Facebook with our over 6000+ fans (THANK YOU!!), and posted too many Calendar of Events to even count!  It’s been a fun five years.
GNO over the years
But a lot has changed in these five years.  I still have two kids, but they’re now both in elementary school.  I’m no longer at home full time.  I now work outside of the home, at the church that my family also calls home.  We’ve recently moved to the far west part of the county and my daily commutes don’t take me through the heart of town near as much as they used to.  And with incredibly busy schedules of sports and school activities, I admit it – many weekends, I don’t have the time to even enjoy the things I’m sharing with you — we rarely need to FIND things to do anymore, our personal calendar is just filled with them anyways, ha!

It’s time for me to to say good-bye to Cumming Local. 

So.  This past year, I’ve basically been putting off the obvious.  It’s time for me to say good-bye to Cumming Local.  It’s still a little bitter sweet right now.  I know it’s time so I feel completely good about that.  But I will miss it – I’ll miss you, the readers, the sweet comments & emails you leave me (I get mean emails from some readers too … so I won’t miss those, that’s for sure!!), meeting you in person at different events, getting to know some fabulous small business owners and just doing my best to keep you in the loop!  But I also know I haven’t been able to give it my best this year, so it’s time.

What happens next with Cumming Local?

Summer FB Cover
The website will continue to stay live.  I’ve already got LOTS of Summer Content up for you – so you’ll still have most everything you need to stay in the loop this summer.  You can still submit your events and I’ll continue to approve them through most of the summer (but maybe at a slower pace than usual).  And I’ll even have a little new content here & there, so honestly you may not even notice I’m gone for a month or two!
Having said that, Cumming Local is also for sale.  If you have an interest in keeping people in the loop, working with small businesses, and marketing lots of great things to do here in Cumming GA & Forsyth County, this might be something you’re interested in pursuing.  And if so, feel free to reach out to me.  I just respectfully ask for serious inquiries only – but email me and we can chat.

What happens next with me?

I’ve got my hands in several different projects right now that I’m VERY excited about.  And I can’t wait to share some of them with you – I hope to be able to share a little more later in the summer so you can follow along!!  Eeek.  That’s all I can say for now!
Oily Family Brand Ambassador
I’m also staying busy, but totally loving my adventure with Young Living Essential Oils right now – I love hosting classes and sharing more with friends and Cumming Local Readers.  It’s been a fun journey the last year and with some free time on my hands I’m looking forward to focusing even more on it.  If you’d like to learn more or attend an upcoming class, just email me.
But for now, I’m also focusing on sending Cumming Local out in style!!  How does that happen?  With one last hooray!  A Summer Girl’s Night Out is in the works!!  Details are still coming together, but it’s going to be fun and you’ll definitely not want to miss it!  Stay tuned for all the info!

Goodbye … and See You Again

So yes, it’s a goodbye.  But hopefully a see you again soon … at our final Girl’s Night Out?  At an upcoming Essential Oils Class?  On Facebook this Summer?  But definitely around town – after all, there are lots of things to do, places to go & small businesses to support!!