Lakeside Lady Lions become Forsyth County Champions

Friday night, February 15, 2013,  the 8th Grade Lakeside Lady Lions beat Vickery Middle School to become, for the second year in a row, Forsyth County Middle School 8th Grade Girl County Champions.  It was an electrifying game held at South Forsyth High School.  The Lady Lions, led by Coach Ken Lacy, beat the VCMS Lady Vipers, 49-39.  Caroline Diem led the Lions with 15 points, Mari Jonassen with 12, Gabby Tanjuatco with 10, Olivia Poff with 6, Kirsten Dahlberg , Jenny Lins and Maddie Clawson with 2.
Photo:  Bottom Row :  Lindsay Race, Ciarra Wingo, Sydney Parrish, managers Alexis Bennett, Kaitley Paquette (missing Riley Reeves)
Second Row:  Hannah Verbencourer,  Baylie Burke, Gabby Tanjuatco, Mari Jonassen, Olivia Poff, Jenny Lins, Abby Arant
Top Row: Coach Ken Lacy, Kirsten Dahlberg, Maddie Clawson, Caroline Diem