Back to school tips for kindergarten moms
It’s hard to believe that it’s already time for the school bell to ring!  This school year will bring many firsts for my family as we send our son off to Kindergarten for the very first time.  I’m not emotional in a bad way – I’m excited for him (and excited for me)!  But I know as I watch him walk on the school bus or through the classroom door, I’ll more than likely have to fight a tear or two.  How can it be time for this little guy to start school already?
The following is a Guest Post from Contributor, Heather Clark of Act Together Ministries.  Prior to beginning Act Together, she taught Kindergarten for five years.  I love the tips and advice she shares in this post – including some great book reads too.  I hope you enjoy the advice as much as I did.  And if you’ll be in the same boat come August 11th – I’ll be there with you!

The school bell will ring soon and many parents will send a child to kindergarten. This is always an emotional time for parents. For some, it will be sending your first born and for others it will be sending the youngest of four. Kindergarten is an important milestone in your child’s life. Your child’s maturity will grow tremendously this year and you’ll get to see a small glimpse of how your hard work over the past 5 years has shaped your child. It wasn’t that long ago that you held your precious baby in your arms for the first time. Where did the time go? Now it’s time to send that little baby off to kindergarten. For most this will be the first full school day, the first  year to ride the school bus, the first year to have homework, and the first year when peer influences begin to play a role.
Before beginning Act Together, I worked as a school teacher. I taught kindergarten for 5 years, 1st grade for 1 year and 2nd grade for 1 year. The formative primary years of school are my passion. I love watching those little ones blossom and grow as God’s plan for their lives begins unfolding.
What Tips Do I Have For Kindergarten Parents?
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