Yesterday, we introduced you to Mr. Walkup’s third grade class at Vickery Creek Elementary School with an article from student, Caroline.  Today, we’re excited to share another article from Marissa, also a student in Mr. Walkups third grade class.
When we told Mr. Walkup about our upcoming Food Drive Event to benefit Food for Thought, he gave his students various assignments about hunger and poverty in America and options and organizations helping those in need within our county of Forsyth.
Today, Marissa is sharing her article about the Food for Thought Project – the beneficiary of Tuesday’s Food Drive.

Food for Thought Project – by Marissa, 3rd Grader at Vickery Creek Elementary School
Teacher:  Mr. Greg Walkup
The Food for Thought Project is all about people donating food to the people who can’t afford it.  Food for Thought started in April, 2011.  The founders of Food for Thought are Shari, Charlie Nunez, Kim and Bert Boudet.
The Food for Thought project is you sign up then they bring you a reusable bag.  Then you fill up the bag and they pick it up every Saturday*.
Then they bring it to the local food pantries.  The containers the food can be in are bags, boxes, jars, bottles, and cans.  This is a good project because they are giving their time to collect all the food.

*Editor’s Note:  Pickup is not actually every Saturday, but rather the 2nd Saturday of every other month.  This allows you  to pick up an item or two each shopping trip and then have a full bag by the time the volunteers pick bags back up!

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