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Do We Need To Pack Those Extra Pair of Shoes?

Travel Tips from Jenny Reed of Our Cruise Planner

You’ve planned the family spring break or summer beach trip and now all you have to worry about is what to pack.  Packing can be a challenge for families so below is a list of suggestions to help make the process easier.  These tips should help you and your family travel a bit lighter for your trip!

  1. Make a list and lay out your suitcases.  This is a sure fire way to not forget anything. If you start your list the week before travel, you have time to add things as they come to mind. Laying out your suitcases several days before you start packing allows you to drop items into the suitcases as you see them around the house.   This will help you to pack essential items.


  1. Plan your outfits.If your family is not hiking a mountain, you all don’t need hiking boots. When traveling with your family, you will often have an idea of what activities you need to prepare for.  Get the children’s input as well. Go through each day and plan the outfits based on the travel schedule; clothes can always be shuffled around or supplemented if plans change. This is an easy way to make sure that you don’t return home with clothes that your family never wore.


  1. Pack a few gallon size zip lock bags. These can be used many ways!   One is to keep an extra set of clothes packed for the little one in your backpack when visiting Disney!    Push all of the air out of the bag just before zipping closed to make it  easy to store.


  1. Prepare with layers.   Traveling to several destinations, or during times when weather patterns are unknown, can be tricky. By planning multiple layers you can adapt your clothing throughout the day or as weather changes.


  1. Limit your shoes, and don’t bring new ones.  Shoes take up a lot of space. Try to pick just a couple pairs of shoes for each family member that matches multiple outfits. Also, don’t bring new shoes on vacation. Most likely you or your child will only get to wear them once before they start hurting feet and then they are only taking up valuable real estate in your suitcase.


  1. Use carry on size toiletries.  Packing only the essential cosmetics and toiletries can significantly cut down on luggage. Full size shampoos and conditioners can be bulky or messy, and you don’t need a six month supply of moisturizer or shaving cream. Try bringing sample sizes or invest in bottles that fit the carry on requirements. These can be found at most drug stores and are inexpensive and reusable.


  1. When in doubt, leave it at home. If there is only a chance you or a family member will need it, don’t bring it. This sounds basic, but it’s a mistake many make. Remember, the worst case scenario is you end up needing an item you didn’t bring.   Don’t forget that there are stores in almost any destination you will be traveling to. This is also a fantastic way to shed those last few items that won’t fit in your suitcase. More often than not, you won’t miss them!

Bonus tip:   Need a comprehensive and reusable travel to-do list?   Visit the following link that includes a check list of essentials at

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Jenny Reed has been traveling the world since she was a little girl. She turned her love for travel into her own business over 14 years ago. From cruises to escorted tours to customized travel plans, Jenny has helped her friends, family and clients in the Cumming area and nationwide take the vacations of their dreams. She shares her passion for travel with her customers and does not charge a service planning fee. For Jenny, the best part of her job is creating travel plans so people can escape their busy lives even if it’s just for a little while!
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