Devotional for Moms by Karen Stubbs

This is an update from one of my contributing writers, Karen Stubbs:
Hello Moms!
It’s finally here! My devotional book, Moments with God for Moms, is now available for purchase!
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Whenever I have a Q&A or sit with moms this question always comes up: “How do I find time for my quiet time with the Lord?” We all know the words “mom” and “busy” go hand in hand, so I wrote a devotional book just for moms to help them reflect on God’s word and connect with him daily.
In Moments with God for Moms, each day includes a passage of scripture, thoughts about how the scripture relates to a mom’s world, and a prayer. Why did I include a prayer? I’ve found that sometimes as a mom, I know I need to pray, but I just don’t know what to pray. So, I included a prayer to get you started.
We have also created a set of Wisdom Cards for whenever you need encouragement. These cards are perfect to place beside your bed, at your makeup area, or by your sink, because sometimes we just need a pick me up, whether in the middle of the day or at 3:00 in the morning. What a fun gift for a friend too!
My prayer is that this book would draw you to your Heavenly Father and encourage and inspire you as a mom. I hope that you will start incorporating God into even the smallest aspects of your life and ultimately invite him to have a front row seat in your life and your world.

You can purchase “Moments with God for Moms” through the BOAW website, by clicking here. Also – for all your LOCAL friends, Karen will be at Heavenly Dove on Saturday, 2/27 from 10-Noon. You can meet her, pick up a book, and have her sign it!

About Birds on a Wire:

Birds on a Wire is a ministry designed to encourage moms and equip them with Godly practical advice so that they will be able to parent with confidence and feel confident in their ability as a mom. As a mother of four I know firsthand how difficult raising a child is in today’s society. A mom can feel isolated, ill-equipped and unsure of herself and her mothering skills. BOAW pulls alongside moms to give practical advice and assure them that their heavenly Father is with them in this journey. If you have little ones or teenagers or any age in between, join us on this journey of motherhood.

About Karen Stubbs:

Karen Stubbs is the founder and leader of Birds on a Wire, a ministry designed to equip moms through truth, encouragement and community. Karen is the wife of Greg Stubbs, they have four children, Kelsey, Emily, Taylor and Abby and reside in Cumming, Ga.
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