Community Cup: Coffee Served With A Purpose

There’s a new coffee shop in town – but it isn’t like the ones you know. Of course it will have strong coffee, pastries, and plenty of hand-crafted, decadent beverages more worthy of a dessert plate than a ceramic mug. But the concept of this coffeehouse centers more around community than caffeine. It’s an idea that germinated in the owner’s mind during a yoga session and it is soon to spring to life.
Jalynn Barr is a young lady passionate about her family, her community, her work, and causes that help other people. The cause that motivates her the most is childhood cancer. She serves on the Young Professional Leadership Council for CURE Childhood Cancer and has been a driving force in bringing others into the fight for children with cancer.

“As a mother, I can’t imagine having one of my daughters in treatment,” Jalynn explained. “When I found out how little money goes to childhood cancer research, I knew I had to get involved.”
Jalynn has been in the foodservice business her entire career and loves dealing with people. About a year ago, she started feeling an itch to get out on her own. While in a 40-day yoga challenge, a question kept coming to mind, “Is there a way I can make a career out of something I love that also benefits this group that I’m so passionate about?”
It was then that the idea for Community Cup was born. The location she chose is just off the square in downtown Cumming, at 125 Tribble Gap Rd., where there is plenty of both driving and foot traffic. The menu will be strong on coffee, but will also serve fun things for children such as drinks with edible glitter and other items designed to create a family atmosphere.
The goal is to use her talents and passions to be a positive force in the community. By buying the baked goods from a local bakery and the coffee from a nearby roaster, Community Cup will pour first into its neighbors. But it will also weave itself into the fabric of the city by working with local schools, non-profits, and civic groups to help them raise funds for their efforts. And a portion of the shop’s daily proceeds will be given back to CURE to benefit those children with cancer that Jalynn loves so much.
“I really think we have a chance to make a huge difference,” she said excitedly. “First in Cumming, but through our partnership with CURE, all over.”

Permitted to dream, Jalynn wouldn’t turn down the chance to have a Community Cup on every street corner in the country. But her true goals are much more grounded: operate a successful business, spend quality time with her family, be happy in her work, and make a positive impact on her community. If she can stay centered on those things, she’ll count it worthwhile.
Community Cup hopes to serve its first customers in early April.
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