Christmas Crafts for Kids in Forsyth County

I don’t know about you but I love the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is so fun with kids! No matter what traditions you have established, they all product a great time with wonderful memories with your kiddos. Here at the Walkup house we love crafts. Well, I love crafts and I’m slightly forcing my kids to love crafts too.
If you are looking for the best Christmas crafts for kids to do then you have found it today! I have compiled a list of some great crafts to do with your kids over the next few weeks til Christmas.  Most of all I hope you have fun making these great Christmas crafts for kids!
Also, if you are looking for more activities for the holidays click here for our full list of Christmas activities or here for Holiday Story-Time and Library events!

  1. Truth in the Tinsel ornaments – These were so easy! It was only $3.99 for the ornament print-out. All I had to do was hit print and then let the kids color. They are loving it. It’s an advent experience as well. Learn more about that by clicking here.
  2. Make a Snowman ornament – This is fun because it requires a finger print from your child but then you add all the details once it dries. These can be made so easily and they are cheap!
  3. Make a Wreath – The best part about this craft is that there are only 4 supplies. These are fun for the kids too!
  4. Use their hands and feet to make a picture – so many ideas on this one. But here is one that looks pretty easy, click here. My problem is I can never get my little one to sit still! HA!
  5. Make a snowflake – Jewels, glue, and popsicle sticks…how easy could this be? It’s neat to see what your child will design!
  6. Painting with little fingers or q-tips – Many beautiful winter scenes they can make with this great painting adventure!
  7. Make a candy cane – YUM using cereal…I think Apple Jacks would be delicious!
  8. Reindeer out of toilet paper rolls – These are cute! Mine didn’t turn out quite as cute though 🙂

Any other ideas you all can share with us?