One of the reasons I love fall weather so much is because it gives me the perfect excuse to start a pot of chili!  I could seriously eat a different variation of chili every night for a week.  It’s one of those meals that everyone has their own little way of eating it.
In fact, I asked on Facebook, and got several different answers.

Here’s 10 Ways to Serve Chili this Fall:

Source: via Casey on Pinterest

1.  Meat Chili – Depending on what we might have on hand, we’ll go either very basic with just meat, chili beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, sauce & spices.  Other times we might throw in chopped onions, peppers, and even corn.  I like mine topped with or without sour cream & cheese.
2.  Turkey Chili – I usually add more chili powder & seasonings when I make turkey chili.  I think it’s mental – I just like to see the chili color!
3.  White Chicken Chili – I love, love, love chicken chili!  Here’s a good recipe, but we use a very basic recipe in my house.  Just chicken, rotel, northern beans, 8 oz of sour cream & a block of Montery Jack cheese.  Thrown in the crock pot, it’s super easy & I can easily keep the ingredients on hand.  I still like it topped with sour cream & cheese (even though both are already in the recipe)!
4.  Tofu Chili – A friend of mine shared this recipe with me.  Tofu isn’t really my thing, but if it’s your thing … I totally trust this cook, so I’d give it a shot!

Chocolate Chili from House of Hills

5.  Chocolate Chili – My motto is that everything tastes better with a little bit of chocolate.  So I assume that would be the case for Chili too!  My friend (and a local blogger), just posted this recipe on her blog, House of Hills.  I might be trying it this weekend!
6.  Chili on top of a Potato – For those times when you can’t decide between a baked potato or a bowl of chili!
7.  Chili with Chips – Fritos or Tostito Chips are most common in our house.  I know lots of people like oyster crackers or saltines.  But we stick with the chips!

8.  Pumpkin Chili – It’s been a while since I’ve had pumpkin chili.  It’s perfect for the fall and usually a little sweeter or creamier.
9.  Chili with Cornbread – Crumbled on top.  Served on the side.  Or even baked over it … there’s nothing wrong with a little sweet cornbread & chili!
10. Chicken with Pasta – This is one recipe that I actually haven’t tried yet.  But I bet the kids would love it a lot.

So, join our conversation … how do you like your chili?

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