Celebrate Christmas in Forsyth County

Celebrate Christmas in Forsyth County

If you don’t have a church home, but are looking for a place to celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas, I hope this round-up of information will help! If your church has a special Christmas Eve service & you’d like to have it added to the list, please feel free to use our Contact Us form & we’d be happy to share it with our readers.


Cumming Baptist Church
115 Church Street, 30040
Phone: 770.205.6699
Sunday, December 18th – 6pm: Adult Choir & Orchestra Presentation
Saturday, December 24th – 5:30pm: Christmas Eve Service
First Baptist Cumming
1597 Sawnee Drive, 30040
Phone: 770.887.2428
Sunday, December 18th – 9:30am & 11am: Celebration Choir & Orchestra Program
Saturday, December 24th – 3:30pm, 5pm, & 6:30pm: Christmas Eve Services
Sunday, December 25th – 10:30am: Christmas Day Service
First Redeemer Church
2100 Peachtree Pkwy, 30041
Phone: 678.513.9400
Saturday, December 24th – 4pm & 6pm: Christmas Eve Candlelight & Communion Service
Sunday, December 25th – 9:15am & 10:30am: Christmas Day Service
North Lanier Baptist Church
829 Atlanta Hwy, 30040
Phone: 770.781.5433
Saturday, December 24th – 5pm: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (7pm Spanish)
Sunday, December 25th – 11am: Christmas Day Service


Church of the Good Shepherd Catholic Church
3740 Holtzclaw Road, 30041
Phone: 770.887.9861
Saturday, December 24th – 4pm, 6:30pm & 12Midnight: Christmas Eve Masses
Sunday, December 25th – 7:30, 9am & 12Noon: Christmas Day Masses

Community / Non-Denominational

Browns Bridge Community Church
3860 Browns Bridge Road, 30041
Phone: 678.965.8000
Friday, December 23rd – 6pm: Special Christmas Celebration
Saturday, December 24th – 9am & 11am: Special Christmas Celebration
Life Church
4980 Pittman Road, 30040
Phone: 404.895.5637
Saturday, December 24th – 4pm: Carols & Communion Service
Mountain Lake Church
3105 Dahlonega Hwy, 30040
Phone: 770.888.2513
Saturday, December 24th – 1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm & 5:30pm: A White Christmas, Christmas Eve Services


Living Faith Lutheran Church
103 Buford Dam Road, 30040
Phone: 770.887.0184
Saturday, December 24th – 7pm: Christmas Eve Service
Saturday, December 24th – 10:30pm: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
Sunday, December 25th – 10:15am: Christmas Day Service & Communion
Christ the King Lutheran Church
1125 Bettis-Tribble Gap Rd., 30040
Phone: 770.889.5328
Saturday, December 24th – 6pm, 8pm & 10pm: Christmas Eve Services (service styles vary, click link to check schedule)


Deer Creek Shores Presbyterian
7620 Lanier Drive, 30041
Phone: 770.887.6801
Sunday, December 18th – 11am: Musical “A Baby Changes Everything”
Parkway Presbyterian Church
5830 Bethelview Road, 30040
Phone: 770.889.8694
Saturday, December 24th – 5pm & 7:30pm: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with Communion
Sunday, December 25th – 11am: Christmas Day Service

United Methodist

Bethelview United Methodist Church
4525 Bethelview Road, 30040
Phone: 770.887.4888
Saturday, December 24th – 5pm: Family Candlelight Service
Saturday, December 24th – 11pm: Communion Candlelight Service
Cumming First United Methodist Church
770 Canton Hwy, 30040
Phone: 770.887.2900
Saturday, December 24th – Noon, 3pm, 5pm, 7:30pm & 11pm: Christmas Eve Services (service styles vary, click link to check schedule)
Sunday, December 25th – 11am: Christmas Day Service
Creekside United Methodist
673 Peachtree Pkwy, 30041
Phone: 770.888.8449
Sunday, December 18th: Christmas Celebration – 5pm Dinner & Children’s Musical (Advance Reservations Required)
Saturday, December 24th – 4pm & 6pm: Christmas Eve Candlelight & Communion Service
Sunday, December 25th – 10:50am: Christmas Day Service
This information is and links provided is believed to be correct and accurate at time of listing. As always, it is recommended that you call or confirm prior to driving to a location – definitely wouldn’t want you mad at us on Christmas Eve or Day!!
If we missed your favorite place of worship, please let us know so it may be added!