Cape San Blas FL: Top Things To Do & Places To Eat

Cape San Blas FL is referred to as The Forgotten Coast of Florida. However, in our book, it’s never forgotten. In fact, around our house, we talk about it all the time. It is our favorite destination every year! We first discovered Cape San Blas FL in 2012 and have returned every year since then. It reminds us of our childhood when it was fun to have no activities but playing on the beach or exploring in the bay. That is the experience we receive when we visit Cape San Blas FL. Over the last few years, we have made a note of all the best things to do and places to eat in Cape San Blas FL. And we wanted to share them with you in case you plan to take a trip to the fabulous forgotten coast!

Things To Do

1. RELAX: Seriously this is what Cape San Blas is all about. For us, it’s the only place we can truly sit back and relax! It’s like a big breath of fresh air.
2. Play on the beach
3. Ride horses on the beach
4. Explore St. Joseph Peninsula State Park
5. Go Scalloping
6. Play on the St. Joseph Bay
7. Go for a walk along the beach
8. Fishing with the family right on the beach

9. Wait for it to be dark, then look up at the stars. It’s absolutely amazing on a clear night! Don’t miss doing this, we still remember the first time we saw a starry night sky at Cape San Blas FL.
10. Make a campfire on the beach. You can either cook dinner, make s’mores or both!

11. If you have a dog, bring them! The beaches at Cape San Blas are dog-friendly.
12. Take a long walk, bike ride or run on the Loggerhead Run Bike Path.

Cape San Blas FL

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13. Visit the Cape San Blas Lighthouse
14. Shop in the Scallop Cove for souvenirs
15. Rent a pontoon from Cape San Blas Pontoon Boat Rental
16. Watch the glorious sunset every night

17. Read a book from front to back
18. Visit Apalachicola (it’s about 20-25 minutes away) it’s a fun little place to walk around and grab a bite to eat (we like Boss Oyster the best).
19. Did I mention relax? This is the BEST place to relax!

Places To Eat

There are not a ton of places to eat in and near Cape San Blas FL. But the ones that are there (or nearby) are excellent. We recommend you support the local businesses and visit them while you are vacationing on the Cape. We have organized this list by type. Some are restaurants, some are food trucks, some are places to grab fresh seafood to cook back at your rental. Either way, we have enjoyed eating at all of these places and we know you will as well!
Food Truck/Take Out Locations

  1. Weber’s Little Donut Shop: This is a MUST visit for every vacation at Cape San Blas! {Tip: You will need to get there early because the line is long and the sell out of their donuts! Our favorite one is the glazed croissant (pictured below).}
  2. Cape Trading Post: This will be your “grocery store” while in town. They also sell breakfast biscuits, sandwiches and pizza. We always stop by on the way out to grab our yearly sovenir (christmas ornament).
  3. Shoobie’s
  4. Peachy Beach Eats

Fresh Seafood Pick Up Locations

  1. St Joe Shrimp Company: We picked up mahi mahi and large shrimp to make for dinner while we in town. Then on the way out we picked up grouper and more mahi mahi to bring home. They packed it in our cooler with extra ice. {Tip: If you will want to bring home some fresh seafood, you will want to pack a cooler on your trip}
  2. St. Patricks Seafood Market

Dine In Restaurants

  1. Indian Pass Raw Bar: This is the original location and it’s where we first visited. Hands down the best oysters we’ve ever had. We also put down some delicious crab legs. One of our favorite parts about this restaurant is the atmosphere. They have drinks on the honor system (photo above), sometimes they have live music, and they always have a great front porch to wait on until your table is ready. {Tip: If you want to eat dinner, you will need to get there very early and be prepared for a wait! For us, the wait is always worth it!}
  2. Indian Pass Raw Bar Uptown: This past year we visited the new Indian Pass location in Port St Joe. It was a lot closer to our rental. The atmosphere was totally different. The things we noticed was nice tables, air conditioning, larger menu, etc. The food was still fabulous and they still have the drinks on the honor system. As a plus, they had more non-seafood options. In our case, this helped because we have one child who has never liked seafood. {Tip: When we were there in April, we got there around 4:45pm and had food by 5:30pm. As we were leaving (around 6:30ish) there was a wait to be seated.}
  3. Skully’s Low Country Boil
  4. Cone Heads
  5. Triple Tails Oyster Bar
  6. Pepper’s Mexican Grill
  7. Ronnie B’s Steak and Seafood
  8. Scallop Republic
  9. Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza: A friend shared with me a great idea. She said they call when they are about 15 minutes away and order pizzas. Then, they pick up dinner on their way in. Perfect for a travel day!
  10. Thirsty Goat Lounge
  11. Dockside Seafood & Raw Bar
  12. Keeper’s Bistro
  13. The Italian Kitchen
  14. The White Marlin
  15. Krazyfish Grille
  16. The Brick Wall
  17. Paul Grants BBQ
  18. Quatro Locos
  19. Dagwoods
  20. Shipwreck Raw Bar
  21. Provisions
  22. Hunt’s
  23. PSJ Bar & Grill
  24. Spaks BBQ & Brew
  25. The View at St. Joe Bay

A Few Tips For You

  1. Bugs: You might have to deal with three types of bugs while visiting Cape San Blas, FL: No-See-Ums, Yellow Flies & Mosquitos. Thankfully, they can all be avoided with a few simple tips. First, you will want to purchase this No No-See-Um natural bug spray. Second, you will also want to purchase either a DEET bug spray or make your own (I make mine from mixing lemongrass, eucalyptus, and Doterra’s TerraShield oil). Last but not least, when booking your trip, you will want to find a place on the beach if it’s in your budget. We have had fewer issues with bugs when we were on the beach. But you will need the bug repellant if we explore the bay side!
  2. Places To Stay: There is a building ordinance over Cape San Blas, FL, that doesn’t allow high rises. Because of that, you can only book a whole house or townhouse. The place we stay is four units inside of a large townhome type. I’ve included a photo so you get the point. We like to stay on the beach so we can watch the sunset from our porch every night.

3. The Drive: It takes us around 7 hours to get there. We typically stop at RedBox along the way to rent/return movies for the kids. Oh, and we try to time it, so we stop for lunch in either Columbus or Dothan. There aren’t a ton of options if you have picky kids, but you might want to pack lunch.
4. Groceries: For the past few years, we have purchased all our groceries here and then packed them in coolers to take to Cape San Blas with us. There is one grocery store (Piggly Wiggly) that is about 25-30 minutes from Cape San Blas. This past year, I purchased my dry/canned goods here. Then we purchased all our produce, refrigerated items, and meat from the Piggly Wiggly. It is a little more expensive than our grocery stores here, but it was a whole lot easier than traveling with all those groceries!

If you spend time at Cape San Blas, FL, please let us know what you loved while there!

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