Our Favorite Busy Weeknight Dinner Ideas for Forsyth Families

School is in full swing. Football, baseball, and ballet have tons of games and practices. Fall is a very busy season! I totally get it. I actually love the picture of my 16 month old because she was in such a rush to get all the yogurt in that she smeared it everywhere. Now she was in a rush because she was hungry and it tasted good. HA!
Anyway, us moms and dads sometimes need to get meals on the table in a hurry. So I have made a list of my favorite meals in a hurry. I hope that this will give you some great ideas and save you some time.

  1. Taco Night – I buy my meat in bulk and cook the ground beef with onions. Then I separate the ground beef into 2 cup containers. Then I simply add taco seasoning. Once it cools, you can pop this in the freezer. Now you have taco meat whenever you need it in the freezer. So when that time comes and you need a quick meal, simply defrost and serve the meat up with cheese and chips (that’s keeping it super simple)
  2. 10 Minute French Dip Sandwiches My whole family loves these sandwiches.
  3. 15 Minute Gluten Free BLT Pizza This is my 4 year old’s favorite pizza. It is always all gone in one sitting!
  4. Spaghetti – Super easy…make noodles and pour canned sauce over. Then just sprinkle with a little Parmesan and serve with garlic bread.
  5. Meatball Subs – Here is another easy one. I always keep meatballs in the freezer. Simply defrost or cook in a can of spaghetti sauce and serve in hoagie’s with some provolone cheese.
  6. Italian Sloppy Joe’s – These are full of flavor!
  7. Hot Dog Night – The kids eat simply hot dogs but I typically either do chili and cheese or Chicago style for my husband and I.
  8. Order a Pizza – There are plenty of pizza places around Cumming. Our favorite is Azzurri’s.
  9. Ditch Cooking and Go Out to Eat – Here is a post we recently did on the best family friendly restaurants in Cumming.

Will you make one of these next week? Share and let us know!