Tuesday Talk: Let’s Talk About Botox By It Is What We Do

Hi, Friends! Ashley here from It Is What We Do and today, I am getting pretty candid with you all! Have you ever thought about Botox?  Maybe you’ve just been curious or had questions about it? Well, I am sharing my experience first hand with you!

Yes, I do get Botox.

I usually go every four months for my injections and typically, I get the same exact thing every time.  Mainly for these forehead lines that will not go away.  There are some great skin creams available, I have a box full of them but nothing worked quite as I wanted it to on these lines, aka valleys.  So, a little over two years ago, I thought I am going to give it a try.

Who Does It?

Let me first start out by saying, I go to a Cosmetic Dentist who is skillfully trained in Botox and we go back about 10 years.   So, when I found out she started offering it, I gave it some thought and made the appointment.  If there is anyone I would try this with, she was the one.  Having full faith and trust in her was the biggest factor for me in taking that first step.
I knew I didn’t want to look frozen or unnatural. I just wanted a little touch up on my forehead and while I am at it, let’s tackle those crows feet!  To say I was a bit nervous was an understatement, I HATE needles.  Probably like the majority of people, that thought alone made me anxious.   Let me just say, these are tiny needles.  It’s not 100% painless just a little uncomfortable.  I would compare it to tiny pinches here and there.

What happens during the procedure?

It is pretty quick.  I am usually in and out in less than 10 minutes or so.  When I go in, they put numbing cream on the areas I will have the injections.  Once it sets after a few minutes, she will have me make faces-smile, eyebrows up, frown, etc. to see where the trouble spots are.  She marks them and grabs the syringes to go to work.  Here come the tiny pinches all over my forehead, then she moves to my eyes.  I get very little around my eyes, just right where my crows feet are to tighten up a little.
As I mentioned, the majority are in my forehead.  Once she is finished, I am all done (And she’s quick!). There is no downtime afterward.  I am right back to tackle my day!  The results will appear within a few days and can take up to 14 days to see the full effect.
Side effects can vary.  Obviously, it depends on the patient and these can include mild bruising, occasional headaches, and mild soreness. I have had a couple of small bruises from the injection. Nothing major, just light bruises that fade within a few days.  That’s the worst effect I have experienced which wasn’t bad for me at all, especially once I noticed the results.

How much does it cost?

If considering Botox, you are in complete control over how much you have.  You can customize the amount to your specific needs and to your budget.  My Dr. charges per unit, so depending on how many units used, the cost can vary from patient to patient.  The average cost per unit ranges $10-$20.   I would plan on spending at least a couple hundred dollars and it can go up from there.
Please note: I am in no way a professional and this is just based on my personal experience.  Due diligence is so important to find the right provider and checking with a dr. to confirm one is a good candidate.  Ask questions!
My provider is Dr. Ashley Curington with North Atlanta Center for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, located in Buford.  I highly recommend her! She would welcome any questions you may have. She also has a helpful link on her website that can be found HERE.
I am really pleased with my Botox experience and absolutely love the results.  I hope this has helped provide a little insight into the procedure and please feel free to ask me any questions!
I am also happy to share before and after pics!

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