NEVO Driving Academy, an award winning driving school opened its headquarters today in South Forsyth County.
NEVO provides a safe and realistic environment for students of all abilities to develop a high level of driver confidence and automotive awareness through world-class instruction, teamwork and the development of safe driving principles.
NEVO instructors are professionally trained drivers with backgrounds in military, law enforcement, stunt driving, rally driving and racing. While they arrive at NEVO already experts in their field, they take pride in their continuous pursuit of the safest and most reliable techniques and training.
The NEVO Driving Academy Team looks forward to serving its local community. With Spring Break right around the corner, NEVO is offering $50 of their driver’s education programs between today and March 31, 2017. To register with the discounted rate, please call NEVO at 470-281-5832 or stop by the HQ, located at 6845 Shiloh Road East, Ste. D8. during normal business hours.