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Atlantic Express Seafood in Forsyth County

Atlantic Express Seafood recently opened a local fresh seafood market. The establishment is owned by Dan and Crystle Ross of Cumming. You may have met the couple at the local Farmer’s Markets this past summer as they were busy selling fresh live lobsters from Stonington, Maine. Dan’s brother Captain Mike is a lobsterman and Dan partnered with him, often fishing on the boat as well, to bring this incredible product to Georgia via same day air. So many people were thrilled to get such fresh seafood that they expressed interest in other northern specialties – crab, scallops, oysters, mussels, and fish to go along with their lobster. As a result, Dan and Crystle decided to open a fresh seafood market right here in Forsyth County.

Atlantic Express Seafood is located at 6320 Atlanta Highway, Alpharetta, GA in the Village at Crooked Creek Shopping Center. The shopping center is located on Route 9 just south of McFarland. Not only is fresh seafood brought in from up north but fresh fish off the docks in St. Petersburg Florida is delivered weekly. Varieties usually include grouper and snapper and a variety of whatever fish are currently available such as tilapia and pompano. Apalachicola oysters, gulf shrimp and clams from Florida are also available. Hot Maine Clam Chowder can be purchased. And live lobsters can be steamed for you. Lobster tails are available as well as picked meat. Wild Atlantic salmon and other northern fish are on the menu.
Atlantic Express Seafood
In fact, all of the seafood is wild caught and the fish are filleted for you right at the market. New products are always available each week and requests can be made for customer favorites. Local residents no longer have to wait to travel to enjoy fresh seafood!

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Atlantic Express Seafood can be found on the internet at and on Facebook. Dan and Crystle can be reached directly at 207-385-0856 or