Localista Team_Cumming Local

Are you a Localista?

Help us, help the community. Become a part of the Cumming Local-ista team!
Some of us might consider ourselves a “fashionista” (I’m certainly not), but what about a “localista”?  Do you pride yourself on shopping local?  Do your friends look to you to know what’s going on this weekend?
Do you enjoy reading Cumming Local and staying in the loop?  Do you use our tips and ideas to help your family?  Have you ever thought it must be fun to have my job??
If you’ve said yes to any of the above, I’d love for you to consider our Cumming Local-ista Team!!

What will you do as a Cumming Local-ista?

You’ll help us as we help our readers!  Keep your eyes and ears open to fun places, great businesses, classes and events on your side of town. Share about your experiences by writing and publishing your stories 1-3 times per month here at Cumming Local.

What will we do for you?

In exchange for your writings and tips, you’ll be one of the first to snag swag, discounts and other fun stuff we’re a part of.   You’ll also be invited as special guests for several Cumming Local events as well.  And if that’s not enough, we can say thanks with lots of chocolate too!
To apply to join our Localista Team, send an email to info@CummingLocal.com with “LOCALISTA” in the subject. Please tell us how old your children are, which side of town you live in, and just a few of your favorite things to do in Forsyth County so we can learn more about you.
We are looking for members in any and all of the following groupings:

  • North Forsyth
  • South Forsyth
  • West Forsyth
  • East Forsyth
  • Home School Families
  • Private School Families

And if I didn’t list a group that you “fit in”, it doesn’t mean we don’t need you!  So if you’re interested in helping Cumming Local support our community, I hope you’ll apply!!
Localista Team_Cumming Local