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Carpet Cleaning Plus in Cumming GA, Carpet cleaning in Cumming GA

Household Carpet Steam Machines

I am often asked about my opinion of the use of “home” carpet steam machines.  So here are a few recommendations from our experience with customers using the “home” or “take home” carpet cleaning machines:

  1. Household carpet steam machines can be a useful tool in between routine professional cleanings. Often times folks want to “freshen” their carpet or work on a particular stain that developed. Both are perfectly fine, but be sure to follow recommendation number 2.
  2. Do not use “shampoos” that come with carpet cleaning machines. Most shampoos will leave a residue on your carpet that will attract dirt and odors fast. When we encounter carpet shampoo residue, we use a product to help neutralize it. Most homeowners do not have that product on hand, so we provide each customer a 32 oz bottle of carpet spot cleaner. Use the Carpet Cleaning Plus spot cleaner INSTEAD of standard carpet shampoo. (That 32 oz bottle is refillable for one year for each of our clients.)
  3. Like most products, some machines work better than others. Do not use a carpet steam machine that forces water in to your carpet. Chances are the machine is not strong enough to remove the water and you do not want water to sit in and on your carpet.

We have a specific carpet cleaning machine we recommend. Please email us to request information about the household carpet cleaning machine we recommend.
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