Sick Day Ideas for Kids

My daughter woke up with a certain barking cough a few nights ago. She got herself so upset that she threw up. Sweet girl! I knew she had croup by the sound of that cough. Every time my kids are sick I struggle with how to keep them resting so they can recover. I thought I could share my ideas on how I help them to feel better and maybe you can share your ideas with me. I don’t like just sitting them in front of the tv for hours though sometimes that’s all that will work. These are my sick day ideas for kids. Please share with us any more ideas we can add to the list.
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Ideas to help their body fight viruses:

  • Treating a virus: I make up a blend of my Doterra oils – 2 drops each of Frankensense, Lavender, Lemon, and Breathe with 1-2 tsp of a carrier oil. I apply this to the throat area, back, neck, and chest every 2 hrs until until bedtime. At night I diffuse lemon and breathe to help promote clear breathing. To learn more about Doterra essential oils, read this post. And if you are interested in ordering or trying any oils, please let me know! I’m happy to help you and your family.

Ideas to keep them still:

  • Movies: Of course I had to list this as it’s the best way for them to be still. But let’s be honest after a movie they need to have a break from screen time.
  • LeapFrog pen: We love this pen and the books! It is a toy that your child can really grow with. It has also helped my daughter to start reading.
  • Reading books togetherTypically for this one we get in the bed and just read books together. Most likely this is a good time to transition to a nap time.
  • Play-doh: Do your kids love play-doh as much as mine do? They could play with their play-doh forever. Now if there was just a way to keep form having play-doh crumbs everywhere!
  • Coloring: I love to color. And so do my kiddos. Grab some markers or crayons and have a seat at the table. Color away! This is a great time for you to color in those adult relaxing coloring books too.
  • Story-telling time: This works well in the forts (see next idea). But we get comfy and just take turns telling stories. The kid’s stories are always the best. Especially my 3-year-old’s stories!
  • Fort Building: All you need is a few blankets and chairs to set up a fort. But if you’d rather have a fort building set, then this one looks fun!

What other ideas do you have?