Sharon Elementary School Event

Sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference. As we are coming into the much-awaited warmer days of spring, we are also dreading the return of the infamous, disease spreading mosquitoes. The 2nd grade students of Sharon Elementary School in Suwannee, Ga. have studied this problem and have come up with an environmentally friendly solution – Use bats!

Bats? Many people believe bats are pests themselves but the students discovered that bats play an important role in controlling the local insect population. One little brown bat can eat up to 600 insects in an hour! Imagine if you had 100 little brown bats roosting in your bat house eating that many insects in one night! Bye, bye mosquitoes, gnats and all those other pesky insects!

The Sharon Bat Ambassador Club was started to make the public aware of the benefits that bats provide. To help control the insect
population at Sharon Elementary, one of club’s student-members built a large bat-house with his grandfather to the exact specifications recommended by Bat Conservation International. Three of the firemen from our local Fire Station 10 were kind enough to come with all of their equipment and hung this heavy and bulky bat house over 15 feet high in our outdoor classroom.

We will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony with all of the 2nd grade students, the firemen, and the administration of our school on March 27th at 10:30 AM. The club members have had t-shirts made using the artwork of one of our students.

The 2nd grade executive board members are excited, prepped and ready to share all of their knowledge of why people should put up bat houses in their yards and in their neighborhood parks.

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