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An outdoor fire pit can be a great way to get the whole family outside for a night of fun and relaxation. However, it can be hard to get kids to stay excited about anything, let alone get them to relax and enjoy themselves in front of an outdoor fire. When they can’t sit still and appreciate the fire pit, it can quickly turn the night into a stressful experience, and that defeats the whole purpose.  

If you want to ensure that your new fire pit won’t be quickly forgotten and will stay a treasured feature of the backyard, it’s best to figure out new ways to keep the kids engaged and excited. It’s with this in mind that we have put together a few ideas to help you get the whole family enthusiastic about enjoying your backyard fire pit together. 

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 Provide Incentives 

One way to get the kids to look forward to fire pit night is to spice it up with a little extra incentive. If certain foods or treats are only allowed on these special occasions, your kids will start to look forward to them. You could also make special allowances for certain toys that can only be played without by the fire pit.  

Surprise Night 

Keeping the special incentives a surprise is another great way to get everyone excited for a night out in the backyard. You could also turn it into a game during the day by letting them try to guess what the surprise is and awarding a special surprise to the winner.  

Kid’s Choice  

One of the best ways to get kids excited for any activity is to let them choose it. Have your kids plan out a menu or games for fire pit night. This will not only give them some say in the activities but also allow them to get involved with the planning of the whole night. By letting your kids have some control, they will look forward to when it’s their turn to pick.  

Get Your Dog Involved 

Finding some activities that involve the dog is a fun way to let everyone in the family have their say. Let the dog “choose” the dinner, treats, or games to play. This lets the kids know that everyone has a say and that it’s not just the adults who control what happens on fire pit night.  

Make It a Weekly Event  

Kids respond well to consistency which is why one of the best ways to get them to look forward to hanging out around the fire pit is to have a routine that revolves around it. If they know that fire pit night is coming up, they will be much more excited and can start to anticipate it a few days in advance.  

Ban All Devices 

By banning all devices for both kids and adults, you can be sure that everyone is actively engaged in family fun without any distractions. Let your kids know that you will also be putting your phone away and make it their responsibility to monitor you. This gives them a sense of ownership and pride in making it a fun family night for everyone.  

Bugs are Not Invited 

Firepit night will be much more enjoyable for everybody if you don’t have to worry about bugs ruining your good time. Call the pros at your local Mosquito Joe to learn more about their custom barrier spray, and natural treatments that will help keep the bugs away and make the outdoors fun again!     

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