The Big “to do” …. Join Mom’s Flourish!

What is Mom’s Flourish? It’s a new direct sales company all about MOMS: Products developed by, created for, and sold by moms. And, we’re doing it a little differently. We want to Teach (support) moms business skills and develop mentor relationships (friendships).

As part of the mom-prenure group of Mom Creators  – Mom Inventors,  Gabby was approached by the founder Shelley Straitiff of West Linn, to assist in the mission of sharing mom created products (solutions) with friends and family. At first Gabby thought, oh NO not another “party” company. But Flourish carries with it  inspiration and a heartfelt mission of “Moms supporting Moms”.

As a mom inventor it is very difficult to find a store for your product and into those little hands that need these solutions.  Often times,  Mom Created products do not make it into mass market.  Moms Flourish makes it easy for us to share our products with other parents without the costs and hassle of big box stores.  As a mom creator and owner of Kiddo Tags™ it was a no brainer. Moms helping Moms… Why not?!

Flourish now offers many mom- and baby-friendly products that are sold through home parties and online parties. All of the products are designed to make children happier, cleaner and safer as well as save time for their mothers.  Moms Flourish offers “Need To Haves”  not nice to haves. How do we know this, because moms created these products to make life easier for themselves and then mass produced it to help her fellow mom!

Would you Join our Mission and become a MOM’s supporting MOM’s  Sales Advocate? 

This program is currently at the ground floor, so It can only get better and your earnings have great potential!  

Now through April 30th  you will get a FREE sales kit!

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Click here to get started: http://www.momsflourish.net/KIDDOTAGS/