Tips From Sanford And Son Junk Cars: How To Spot Lemon

Most people know lemon to be a juicy fruit. A lemon is far less appetizing to new car owners, however. To them, a lemon is a newly purchased automobile that isn’t performing up to the standards they were promised upon purchase. Are you thinking that you perhaps purchased one yourself? There are a few tall tales that could help solve your story! Here are a few to think about:

  1. Strong Smells – When it comes to evaluating a car, it is best to use all of your senses. Don’t just rely on what you can see with your eyes. Trust your sense of smell as well. If you test drive a car and end up smelling something funny, pay attention. It is likely a sign that something is leaking or burning, or both, underneath the hood. Sometimes the smell is obvious such as the smell of burnt oil. Other times, it is more difficult to identify exactly what a particular smell is. But the bottom line is that if the car is functioning properly, you should not smell anything from the car. Any weird or unusual scent is a tip off that something is not as it should be with the car – notably the engine. And that is never good. At the very least, a strong smell should prompt you to investigate further underneath the hood.

  2. Uneven Tire Tread – Tires on a car tell a story. If a car has been properly maintained, then the tires should have been rotated regularly or all season tires should have been swapped out for winter tires. These events should have ensured that the tread on the tires wore evenly. If the tread wear on the tires is uneven, or worse on certain tires than others, it likely indicates that the tires were never rotated or changed with the advent of winter or arrival of spring. This should be a sign that the car was not properly cared for. Worse case scenario, uneven tire wear could indicate that the car needs an expensive front end alignment job. Either way, uneven tire tread is never a good sign on a car regardless of its age.

  3. Lock and Window Problems – Automatic windows and door locks are standard in most vehicles today. And those windows and doors that slide down and open with the touch of a button are powered by the car’s electrical system. If there are any problems with the windows or locks, it likely is an indication that there is a problem with the car’s electrical system. Should a window only roll down halfway or the door not lock and unlock as it should, then it could be a sign that there is an issue with the electrical system in the vehicle you’re considering. And while there may only be a problem with one window at the moment, chances are the issue will only worsen with time. Plus, you’ll likely have to pay a mechanic a lot of money to try and identify the exact problem with the car’s electrical wiring. Checking the automatic windows and locks yourself is a simple test you can do to identify a potentially complicated problem.

  4. Interior Damage – Some mess and wear and tear in a used car is to be expected. But when the wear is excessive, it should sound an alarm in your mind. We’re talking about things such as frayed and damaged seat belts, sagging gas and brake pedals, missing knobs on the dashboard, ripped seat cushions with stuffing bulging through, missing head rests and so forth. These are signs that the car you’re looking at has not been maintained, or, worse, been abused by its owner. Beyond the obvious mess, excessive interior damage in a car shows that the vehicle was not maintained and that it likely has problems beyond what you can see with your own eyes.

  5. The Buyer Themselves – Body language and behavior are always good indicators. And when it comes to someone who is trying to sell you a car, you should be able to tell from their behavior whether they are trustworthy and on the up-and-up. Is the person selling the car willing to answer your questions? Does he or she seem evasive? These are all important and needed information, and it should be no problem for you to get it from the seller. If it is a problem, then that is a sign that the person you are dealing with is not to be trusted, and neither is the car they are selling. Turn and walk away.

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