It’s the most wonderful time of the year…except for maybe your pants – HA!  BUT…it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can still enjoy your holiday meals, treats, and parties without losing everything you’ve worked so hard for the other 8 months of this year.  Below you will find some tips and tricks to staying the course while still enjoying the holidays!


Leading up to a holiday meal eat a conservative breakfast and lunch. Lots of lean protein and veggies. Avoid carbs and fatty foods…you’ll get plenty for the holiday meal.  For example, eat egg whites and fruit for breakfast.  Half of a turkey sandwich with mustard, carrots, and hummus for lunch.  You’ve got protein, veggies, and fruit at this point and your calories are low heading into that beautiful meal of Honey Baked Ham and all the stuffing’s.

Apps before a meal?  Hit the veggies first (crush that veggie tray). Not sure If there will be veggies?  Bring them as your side dish!

Game Time

The priority is protein. It’s the center of the meal. Eat more protein than you do pie.  Then fill your plate to overflowing with more veggies!  The greener the better.  Save the things that you tend to overindulge in for last, like the sweet potato casserole with those little marshmallows on top…so that you are full on the good stuff.

Holiday Spirits

Alcohol. If you must…choose clear liquor vs mixed drinks and beer. The mixes are packed with sugar.  Limiting alcohol is a huge factor here in staying on track!  I’m not saying eliminate…I’m saying…LIMIT.


Plan on it and enjoy it – just choose 1 and stick to that amount.   Don’t neglect yourself here – plan to have a dessert and enjoy every last bite.  ONE dessert will not destroy 8 months of solid and consistent eating.


If grandma asks you to take home the leftover pie…don’t. Do. It.  If grandma asks you to take home the leftover turkey…JACKPOT!


If you don’t have plans to exercise the days you will be eating your holiday meals and attending your holiday parties…make sure to walk and move.  10,000 steps is a great goal!  If you have a smartwatch – CLOSE those circles!  Walking after holiday meals or hiking in the morning are great family traditions to embrace as well!

Holidays don’t have to derail you from your goals and hard work. Enjoy a holiday meal here and there…and get back on the consistency horse.  If you make a mistake and binge on Aunt Betty’s cookies… it’s ok.  Remember…one day of eating cannot undo the 364 other days of consistency.  Enjoy the holidays and the meals and merriment that it brings!


A mother of two, wife, and gym owner- her passion for helping others is infectious.  She channels her passion for fitness from her athletic background as the co-owner at Cumming Strength and Fitness located just west of downtown Cumming. Today, Jill is a competitive weightlifter and a top CrossFit athlete. What Jill loves about spreading her passion for fitness is having the opportunity to coach people in reaching their goals and seeing them build relationships through Cumming Strength and Fitness.  Jill leads a professional coaching staff at CS&F that is changing lives through education and inspiration to aid them in reaching their goals.

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