The following is a guest post by Cumming Resident Anna Everhart.  Anna is a wife, mother, author, blogger and someone I’m happy to know personally!  I’m looking forward to featuring several upcoming posts from Anna but am very excited about today’s post.  She’s sharing her heart about a situation many of us in today’s economy can probably relate too.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

Grace for who you were Before

Here I am with my adorable and sweet husband, Jeremy. This pic was taken in 2005, a few months before we got married. A few months before we decided to pack up our belongings and life in Indianapolis, IN and move to Cumming, GA for a wealth of opportunities, exciting change, and a unique adventure ….

Photograph by Lindsey White

Pretty quickly after moving to GA, I realized, or felt like, it was a big mistake. We really wanted to get away from everything we knew, even though we loved it, and establish our family unit away from pretty much everything- For just a few years- and then we could move back!
We could, you know, buy a house, have a cool experience exploring the region, and then sell the house, make a profit and move back to the Midwest when we were ready to have a family. My plan would have worked so well had we not had this pesky recession and a beautiful surprise package from a stork!!
To read the rest of this article and find out how Anna is finding Grace for herself, click over to Anna’s blog, Thoughts for Today.