Local faith leaders with the support of the FCMA (Forsyth County Ministerial Association) announce the launch of the African American Descendants of Forsyth Scholarship with the first awards to be granted for the fall 2022 semester.

This college scholarship was created for the descendants of African Americans who were expelled from Forsyth County, Georgia, during a dark period of the county’s history beginning in 1912. More than a thousand African Americans were driven out of the area as part of one of the largest racial cleansings in the United States.

In recognition of the injustices done to Black residents of Forsyth County in 1912 and afterward, we as followers of Jesus would like to honor those expelled from the county by providing college scholarships to some of their descendants. Thesescholarships will be awarded to eligible high school seniors and college undergraduates. This is an act of love—doing for a few what we wish we could do for all,” said Durwood Snead, a retired pastor and longtime Forsyth County resident. This is not meant to be a repayment, a reckoning, or reparations. We encourage our community to learn about these events and participate in supporting the scholarship.

Each recipient can receive up to $10,000/year for a four-year scholarship. The amount granted is contingent on the funds raised each year.

To apply, students must show proof of being a direct descendant (such as a great-great grandchild) of an African Americanfamily who lived in Forsyth County until 1912 and write an essay describing their family’s journey subsequent to the expulsion.

Our hope is that this scholarship will be an encouragement to some students whose families have suffered greatly in the past while assisting them with the expenses of a college education.

The application period is February 15April 30, 2022, with awards announced June 15, 2022.

To learn more, donate, and apply, go to www.forsythscholarship.com.