Just One Africa, a locally based international nonprofit, has partnered with HOPE for Domestic Violence to create a fundraiser that is perfect for all of those in the greater Atlanta area who have spent time spring cleaning aka “quarantine” cleaning.

All you have to do is:

  • Gather items to donate
  • Log onto https://j1a.co/hope and sign up for a contactless pick-up day of June 17th or 18th
  • Set your items out for pick up

It really is that easy. Through this simple fundraiser, you can provide for THREE organizations. Just One Africa is an international nonprofit that works with local leaders in Kenya to provide sustainable water solutions for vulnerable children and those affected by the clean water crisis.  HOPE will donate a few dollars to Just One Africa’s Clean Water and Sustainability Programs for each home where they pick up donations.  HOPE for domestic violence then partners with NSPIRE for the homeless using the donated items to provide for their programs either through individual donations to people who need clothing or home goods or by selling the donated items to pay for programs for housing, counseling, job training, education, and more!

YOU can change the lives of the people locally and globally by cleaning out your closets!  Take the fundraiser a step further and challenge your neighbors to gather a bag to donate.  Every house that signs up WILL make a difference and create change.

If you want to know more about Just One Africa and how you can create change on a global scale, visit www.justoneafrica.org.